Saturday, October 07, 2006

Breaking News: Kennedy Camp to be Taken to Task for Richmond BC SuperWeekend Shenanigans

Just got out to the GVRD, and started hearing the scuttlebut about some interesting goings-on from Super Weekend. Apparently there were some "not-so-niceties" carried out by members of the Rae and Kennedy camps in DSMs in Richmond BC.

Sources indicate the events of the weekend need to be investigated, and include the following: Two bus-loads of Kennedy supporters pulling into a DSM parking lot, blocking off access to other vehicles, unloading their voters, then having their supporters block access to the meetings by any of the other camps. It was noted that the Parks Dept. called the police to one of the Richmond meetings to have two of the Kennedy buses towed. From what we have uncovered, the Kennedy buses were moved when the police arrived on scene.

It was reported that similar interesting events involved the Rae camp.

WesternGrit is going to do some more investigating this weekend, and see if there is any more information on this situation. From what we know, this could well have been a bad judgement call by the two camps, and nothing more. Still, the incidents do bear further investigation - considering we want to do what we can to ensure our party remains cleaner than the other federal parties when it comes to these types of things during leadership times. Rae and Kennedy are both good men, and we know they will make efforts to channel the zeal of their supporters.

While we all love good-old-fashioned, roll-up-the-sleeves politics, we need to make sure the image remains clean. When we need to call police to ensure voters can enter a DSM, we really need to think about what that does to image. I mention that word because image is really all it is... We know that all political parties have similar situations arise during different voting events. We have seen the Federal Conservatives being taken to court by disaffected Cons who were unable to win nominations in various ridings. In those cases, the irregularities were actually transgressions by the national party - a FAR more serious issue.

We know we're better than the Cons - let's just keep it that way.

More on this story in the next few days.


Peter said...

If buses blocking other buses is the biggest indiscretion made by a few overzealous Gerard supporters, I think the Gerard campaign will be o.k. But trust me, even the smallest indiscretion such as this will raise the ire of Gerard. I would expect an apology forthcoming if your statements are correct.

I witnessed some worse shenanigans by other camps (even an MP) last weekend. However, I accepted their behaviour as excessive enthusiasm and have not felt it was in the best interest of the Liberal Party to publicize them.

fragmunt said...

I heard that same weekend that Dion walked around with one shoelace untied and Stephen Harper wore two different sox.
I'm not sure how small minded our paranoia can take us but it appears we are bound to find out.

WesternGrit said...

Peter, you make some good points. We know these are typical hijynx seen in any party's leadership processes. When I first heard this story I actually laughed! There is nothing really wrong with being "political" about these kinds of things. I totally agree that the candidates had no knowledge, and that once they've found out they will lay down the law.

I still believe, as a party we need to - in a NON-PARTISAN way - slap hands every once in a while, to ensure overzealous supporters who have nothing more important on their minds than their personal notoriety (as the biggest mover/shaker) don't let this kind of thing go to their heads.

As a party lifer, the one thing I can't stand is the fly-by-night "newbs" who think they'll please someone by doing something like this. The next month, or year, they're doing the same type of thing at a Conservative nomination meeting. I have come across many such keeners over the years, doing anything to try to please their MP or people around them. Their lack of political knowledge and experience result in incidents which are at the very least embarrassing... Their lack of loyalty to a party just proves what their character truly is.

Devon said...

"Breaking News: Kennedy Camp to be Taken to Task for Richmond BC SuperWeekend Shenanigans" Wasn't that you're title? Gee, I expected some sort of substance, but alas none was found. You claimed there would be some sort of reprocussions or some sort of legible investigation, but none. The only investigation was your own.

Congratulations on the horrible blog, don't expect another comment or another glance over.
-Liberal Outsider

question said...

overzealous, sure, yet when volpe is accused of stuff its him personally inolved. nice double standard. Rae and his team also went door to door and picked up mail in ballots, purporting to be from the party. They then changed the first page (candidate vote) and submitted them. They make BC look almost as bad as the corruption of Coderre in Quebec.

WesternGrit said...

Thanks for your comments Johnny. Yes my heading screamed "read me"... Still, having spoken to people "on the ground" here in BC, there certainly is action being taken. Now this may be by some of the other camps involved (read: Volpe, Rae (via Fry), Ignatieff), and some others who felt they had a strong shot at Lower Mainland delegates. Do I know for a fact that people are upset? Yes. Do people intend to inquire with the BCLiberals? Yes. Were the Richmond Police called to the incident? Yes.

I will continue to report interesting tidbits and scuttlebutt as I substantiate it. I've been fair to all candidates in this race, and have criticized all. I'll continue to do so.

When I have an opportunity to point out areas where we can improve, I certainly will continue to do so. The one area I really get interested is the shennanigans that go on when folks - typically "party hoppers" - do silly things, causing considerable consternation. I love when these clowns show up at another party's events 6 months later. We are the most inclusive party, but we need to do more to weed these folks out when they find their way into our fine organization.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.