Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Layton Good For Liberals

We may love to poke fun at him. We may enjoy his tireless attempts at populism - all the while forgetting his core NDP supporters. We may laugh at his antics. We all deride him for being the cause of this Harper government.

Whatever we think about Jacko, we are starting to see how he is worthwhile to our party as the leader of the NDP than he would be replaced by someone, er... ummm... let's just say "competent".

Jacko will keep playing with his neoCon friends, all the while alienating more of his left of center supporters... The whole idea of a party two steps left of center even talking with Cons is ludicrous. Yet "wacko Jacko" will persist. His "socialist principles" will be sold out for a fleeting brush with fame. While this carries on, more NDP supporters will siphon off to the most logical benefactor, or course (us).

If Layton is "clipped" by his party in the next several months, we may see him replaced by someone better able to solidify core NDP supporters. Let's hope this does not happen anytime soon.

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Jan_ from_ BruceCounty said...

And what did the Liberals do during their 12 years in office about the environment? Rhetoric while the planet heated up! Perhaps, you think all those green house gases will take a break, while you guys pick a leader. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to to do something about the environment, well you guys do partisan politics. Of course, you need a planet to do it in.