Friday, December 08, 2006

If An Election Were Held Today, 30%+ Of Quebecers Would Vote Liberal!!!

I know it's only a pre-Christmas poll, and maybe months from an election, but it is interesting to see these results from Ipsos.

We are sitting at 30% in Quebec - and that should translate into a few seats. Our gains across Canada have come mostly at the expense of the Cons (taking back moderate voters who threw their "sponsorship protest vote" away to the Cons). We also seem to have taken about 2% from the NDP - showing that the "soft NDP" vote is not as soft as some would think. Coming from Saskatchewan, I can clearly say that the NDP is a religion for a lot of folks and things like an idiotic leader making deals with their political opposites (Harpo's Cons) often does not sway them.

The "Nation Question" plays into what the Cons may be in for. The Cons shot themselves in the foot (feet?). Harpo the clown's gambit was that he would steal Iggy's thunder by talking "nation" before our leadership convention. The Cons were very afraid they would lose votes to us in the next election. All worked well for Harpo - until Iggy lost the leadership. All of a sudden, instead of someone battling him for "soft nationalist" votes (a'la Iggy), he now finds himself battling the author of the Clarity Act (although Harpo may argue with that statement), and he may just end up in a battle for federalist votes in PQ.

Now I do think we would have had solid gains - no matter which of the final 2 were our leader (I continue to think Iggy would/someday will be a great leader). I can't wait to see our new stars join our existing stars (like Ralph Goodale, Denis Coderre, etc.) in taking on the Cons in Parliament. In the words of Jean Cretien: "We have work to do"! We can maintain our momentum and win the next election - let's stay focused.

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Kyle G. Olsen said...

I think Iggy is too old to make another run - unless your going to predict a very short term for Dion.

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