Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What Conservatives Are Thinking Right Now... And Do They Really Think?

We've probably all had thoughts on what the Cons felt about potential turnouts for our leadership... This article sheds some light on what some of them thought. Regardless of what this indicates - and no matter what kind of line of Conservative BS it is - what the activities of these Cons points out is one very key fact: the CPC strongly feels we had several leadership candidates who could cause them harm. The very fact that they went through the great efforts they did at our convention outlines that they are afraid - they are very afraid.

While the "activist wing" on the right of the party worries about our next leader, the "red wing" of the Cons is actively working on their next leader. Right now the Red Tories are working on trying to build the bridges they require to pick their next great hope.

So... what are the "facts" so far?
1) We know the Cons are afraid of our chances after our leadership
2) We know the Cons are in a nosedive in Quebec
3) We know the Cons have been stuck in the 30-32% polling range for months (even without a Liberal leader)
4) We know Conservative members - including MPs are actively recruiting people (even folks they know are active Liberals) - for an upcoming leadership campaign
5) We know Harper is firing off "hail mary" after "hail mary" in hopes he can grasp both his party's, and the public's attention (these "hail mary's" include: the SSM vote; the Senate gambit)

Let's put aside any doubts we have in our minds that we - as a party - can engage the conservative threat. Let's keep moving forward and take the country back - for Canada's sake.

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Kyle G. Olsen said...

Is there any natural successor to Harper? No - and we should be glad.