Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Man, It's Nice Out Here

Fiendishly working illicitly online (like the pirate I think I am), I decided its time to fire off a quick post before one of my neighbors decides to turn off their wi-fi router... ; )

Maybe... just maybe... I can get by out here in the GVRD without paying for cable (my house seems to be wired for free too)! I will have to thank my neighbors for their kind consideration (although I may just avoid the one beside me cuz I think it's a grow op). On second thought... maybe I will go thank them - they may just show their appreciation... ; )

Shout out to Matt in Hamilton, Dave in TO, Richard in Ottawa, all the Regina Crew, Chris in 'Toontown, and Neil and all the crew in Calgary. Will try to begin posting in earnest in the not to distant future. Once the haze of the New Year's celebrations begins to lift. Gotta be the best place on earth to party!

Viva Vancouver!

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