Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So Mr. Harper... Do You Still "Reject the science of Kyoto"? Do You Still Feel "There is no solid proof of Global Warming"???

A third snowstorm on the West Coast. Vicious blizzards on the Prairies. Record warm temperatures in the Maritimes (cripes, they're golfin' out dere!). No snow in Southern Ontario and Ottawa (no skating on the Rideau!). Giant Arctic ice shelves breaking off our northern islands... Record cold in Northern India. More devastating storms occurring around the world than at any other time in recorded (or scientifically determined) history.

What is going on? It seems the climate is doing something... Something different than it did over the past several thousand years... What's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah... change. Looks like our climate is changing...

Stephen Harper (Shrub) spent the last 10+ years ranting about how "the 'science' behind Kyoto was flawed...", how there is no such thing as climate change. Remember where Harper comes from: Calgary AB - the heart of Canada's American-dominated and controlled oil industry. AB Conservatives/Reformers tend to be angry oil industry apologists. Guess who campaigned for Shrub (many AB Cons - assured of a sweep in the "home province" spent most of the last election sermonizing across the rest of Canada) and financed his run to Ottawa??? Thousands of neo-Con ideologues right out of Canada's neo-Con heartland. Guess who most of them work for (either directly or indirectly)? The Alberta oil patch. Whether they are investment bankers, geologists, self-proclaimed "rig-pigs", oil execs, or any of the myriad oil service and oil related businesses, they all serve the goddess "Petroleum".

Will Shrub ever change his opinion of Climate Change? No. Sure he'll talk about (and listen to his words closely) "doing more", and "doing more than the last government". All he's going to continue to do is try to make it look like he's outdone the Liberals. If he treats this like he treated National Child Care, we may have nothing to worry about (when the facts come out). Unfortunately what we have at stake is the future of our planet and most likely the human race. A party which still has members who believe dinosaurs roamed the earth with men, and the earth is only 6000 years old, and for years has insisted on being "Climate Change-Deniers" has no place at the helm of this land as we face the greatest challenge to human existence.

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wilson61 said...

What ever happened to El Nino ??
The natural occuring temperature/precipitation changes that was once the scientists answer to all weird weather?