Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bravo Ralph!

It is great to see a man with impeccable integrity exonerated like we knew he would be. Ralph is a good friend, and really a great human being - besides being an incredibly honest and successful politician.

The Conservative SMEAR tactics were hurtful during the election. We all know the so-called sponsorship scandal was nothing more than a couple of low-end nobodies who just happened to hold a party membership (some even worked for the Cons previously). We now also have PROOF that the Cons relied on vicious drive-by smears to eke out a tiny minority. We need to turn the tables this Spring. Our MPs and candidates need to be witty and quick on their feet to succeed, and help us get the soundbites we'll need this election.

Time to get to work folks!


Torian said...

yes, a nice and neat explaination.

Except that it does not expalin massive movement of medisys shares- you know Paul Martin's doctor's private practive chain.

It does not explain Scott Brison's email telling his banker friend that he will be happier soon.

But Serge is a lovely scapegoat.

Loraine Lamontagne said...

The smear campaign against David Dingwall in particular was morally corrupt. I would like to know who directed a journalist to Dingwall's daughter, at her place of work. Intimidation and harassment of an elected representative’s family should be off-limit. Cons and Dippers are morally corrupt.