Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sure... They Can Organize Now...

I'm a huge fan of education. My years in University were enjoyable and rewarding. I am, and will continue to be a HUGE supporter of the Canadian student, and this nation's education system.

Yesterday we all got to view some of the best, most encouraging, and well-planned student protests I've seen in years (and I've had the chance to set up a few myself...). Understanding that the student's main lament is extremely high (albeit not at US levels yet) tuition, I have one question:

When PM Martin was promising a program that would cover the 1st and final years of Canadian University students' tuition, where the @%T^#Q! were all the students? Why could we not get them out to vote the same way they came out for these protests??? This is just as much an open-ended question for our own party, as it is for Canada's students.

There are only a couple of parties which would really try to do something for education funding, and research funding. Harper's Cons are not one of them.

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