Monday, July 16, 2007

Cuba Pt. 2 (or Left vs. Right, the Ideological Battle Continues

PM Cartman's recent foray into "America's back yard" gives one reason to think... What are the "New American Century" bunch up to now? Striking out in Iraq and Afghanistan, with a road-block in Iran means "let's find something closer to home" - maybe find another Cold War - yeah... that's the ticket..."

It's a simple (or not so simple) left vs. right thing. To the NeoCon world of Bush and Harper, right wing dictators are OK, while left wing dictators are not. Death squads in Columbia have been much more open and callous in their actions than the results of Chinese prisons, however, I think both are equally bad. Being a Liberal - one who embraces the CENTER of the political spectrum I choose not to embrace either left wing or right wing nut cases.

Harper will follow his NeoCon "New American Century" friends, and embrace all the South/Central American petty dictators. You see, America now sees a threat much closer than Iraq, South Korea, or China... It is people like Chavez. Castro is no longer a threat, but his ideological descendants are. Especially since they are now armed with more than Kalashnikovs... Now they have economic power. Harper, Bush, Cheney, et al need to shore up local oil reserves, and protect this hemisphere. Their NeoCon paranoia is now focused on perceived "threats" in this hemisphere (where it is easier to send troops and money - and exchange guns for drugs if necessary). "Must stop the spread of socialism". There needs to be a "clear and present danger" to confront the military industrial complex.

If it wasn't all so obviously transparent it would be funny. The battle of ideologues goes on. Left wing wackos vs. right wing wackos. If these f'n idiots have their way, there would be no moderation left in the world, only the ideological battle between "left and right", "communism and capitalism", "good vs. evil", "black vs. white", "East vs. West". This is what drives the cogs of their conservative-owned military industrial complex. We must sell more widgets to "tribe X" in "Eastern Blah-blah land". The only way to do that is to guarantee regional stability and rampant free enterprise with little or no controls (not even to protect consumers, if we can get away with it). Oh yeah, and personal freedoms, quality of life, and the environment can all go by the wayside. Share-holder value all the way!

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