Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bernier Asks for UN Assistance???

What??? The very same Conservatives who endlessly bashed the United Nations; who did everything they could to ridicule the body and call it ineffective; who attacked the body at every turn during the Gulf War (II) and the lead-up to it... These very same Cons are now sucking up to the UN... Why? To ask for a "special envoy" to Afghanistan... Remember that "special envoys" to Iraq who they listened to so well? They wouldn't even listen to the majority of UN states when they opposed the illegal invasion of a sovereign state (Iraq).

Nice to see Conservatives finding some use for the UN - even if it is just to help justify a presence of Canadian troops in that country. Why can't NATO finish the job? Is NATO that weak, indecisive, incapable? Is NATO a watered-down body that's lost it's bite? Oh wait - am I using adjectives for NATO that some right wing individuals used to describe the UN a few years ago? My how times have changed...

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