Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall 2007 Federal Election Debate Coverage...

"When All Other Means Have Failed, It Is But Righteous To Raise The Sword..." And with those words Canada's "Natural Governing Party" decides to go to war to defend Canadian interests.

Stephen Harper wants the fight - he wants it badly. It was so obvious with his move to "prime time" for the throne speech. He wanted all Canadians to watch a gentle lady deliver his "toned down" throne speech. Can anyone recall the last time a throne speech was delivered in "prime time"? Mr. Harper wants us all to think we're listening to a "State of The Nation Address" South of our (still divided) border. Mr. Harper, we still do things the Canadian way up here!

Dion to Harper should sound like this: "Mr. Harper - you wanted this election so badly, you rolled out your platform planks in a throne speech delivered unnaturally during prime time - JUST so the largest number of Canadians could hear it. Please be honest with Canadians and admit this election was YOUR choice."

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Abdul-Rahim said...

Can you blame him for wanting an election, he's ready to win