Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Senate Referendum

What the h@ll is everyone's problem with our body of "sober second thought". The Cons hope to taint the institution, then tie it to us exclusively. It's time we Liberals did something to raise public awareness on the importance of the Senate. It's easy to criticize something no-one properly understands...

We are horrible at educating the public on liberal (small l) values. Time to get to work and convince the people of Canada that we ARE a Liberal nation.


The Grumpy Voter said...

First off, Harper's move is about getting the Senate to oppose a call for a referendum so he can beat Liberals over the head with it claiming the culture of entitlement is pervasive in the unelected body that just so happens to be Liberal domintated. That being said, most voters likely view the Senate in the same way they view their members of parliament - just a bunch of people out for the gold plated pension. Liberals might want to educate people about the Senate, but it's going to be hard to justify maintaining an unelected body in a modern democracy. In itself, that is an untenable position that must be rectified. Liberals can make this go away by simply advocating for Senate elections where the PM can simply appoint whoever won in each province. THat's that happy medium that doesn't require wholesale constitutional change or a national referendum.

Ron said...

The Senate issue is primarily part of a diversion strategy cooked up by Harper, Segal and their cronies. And Jack L. has fallen for it and (as usual) played right into their hands.

Quebec & the Atlantic provinces will not give up their disproportionate weight, for starters. Without some redistribution of seats it cannot (should not) become an elected/empowered body.

Best to keep it right where it is ie semi-powerless, along with another no-win contentious issue... GG/Royal ties etc.

A mature society of the future might be able to resolve these issues, but in today's Canada they are simply diversionary tactics with potential land-mine (ala Meech Lake) consequences.