Thursday, February 28, 2008

Conservative Scandal! Accountability? We Don't Need No Bleepin' Accountability...

So Harper and his merry band of "holier-than-thou" neo-Con apologist, hater, hypocrites are now immersed in another scandal - and perhaps the most damaging one in years. Actually trying to pay off the wife of a dying man - simply for his vote in the House. How low can you go? Pretty low, it seems, if you're a member of CCRAP/CPC/CA/Reform.

Before I delve further into details, I must say, "kudos" to Mr. Cadman, for being the upstanding citizen he was, and standing up for his principles. He did not bite on the bribe - knowing full well, the fate that awaited him. He was truly an MP worthy of his role. Also, the story makes a point of noting that the Paul Martin Liberals DID NOT approach Cadman with any type of offer.

So, the "accountable" Prime Minister - Stephen "I'm a fibber, watch my nose grow" Harper - is now faced with yet ANOTHER example of how he and his party have no idea what integrity really is. To watch this Conservative government (and I use the term loosely) distort, cheat, basically do everything they can to destroy the fabric of Canadian Parliamentary Tradition, and think they can get away with it is SICKENING! Sure, it appears they have the public duped. Sure, the media still seems to be in the "Canada's New Government love-in phase". Still, one needs to ask how the hell are they getting away with all this? Is it because the public and media were so desensitized to scandal through the over-airing of the Gomery fiasco, that they no longer care what comes along? Surely people don't believe the so-called "Accountability Act" cleaned everything up???

Perhaps, more importantly, what are WE going to do about it? We could do nothing - perhaps because we're too disorganized in the OLO, or the Caucus Research Office... We could let Pat Martin make this "his baby", as he's sure want to do... For best results, however, WE should make this OUR axe to grind. After being tainted by the whole Gomery debacle, NOTHING could be better than having a couple of our fastest swinging MPs (give it to some young back-benchers) come out throwing punches - and keeping at it up to, and through the next election. It took Con MPs several years of jumping up and down, and manufacturing public doubt, to get the reaction they needed to win a slim minority. Nothing could be better for our party than to turn the tables on really their ONLY reason for eking out those extra seats in the last election. We CAN'T let them get away with trying call us corrupt - not when it exists in their party to the highest levels (yes, Harper knew about this). Not when they try to steal 13 years of a Liberal economic miracle at the hands of men like Cretien, Martin, and Goodale, and make it theirs.

Although I don't expect much, I'm hoping for the opposite... I hope our MPs make time in their busy days, weeks, and months ahead to get real answers about the Harper-Cadman Insurance Scandal, rather than whittle away their time arguing semantics about a budget... Time to let our best Parliamentarians loose. It will be great to see the likes of Goodale, Dhalla, McGuinty, Rodriguez, and Holland make this part of Question Period - on a regular basis. These Liberals have repeatedly shown a tenacity, and an ability to be at the forefront of any well-planned attacks or rebuttals to the Cons. Time to let 'em loose.


wilson said...

Be a little sceptical, this scandal likely amounts to Cons offering Cadman re-instatement into Party benefits, such as life insurance.

He didn't take it, so was the Libs offer better?

WesternGrit said...

There's something really stinky about offering life insurance to someone who is terminally ill. I'm pretty sure no insurance company would legally offer it, and they were probably doing some illegal "work-around". Even "reinstatement" into their Party plan would entail lying to their insurance provider, because there is no way they would cover him, knowing his condition.

Either way, this was a pretty tasteless thing.

Since he didn't bite anyways, Cadman is a man of the highest integrity, and I'm happy to see he was a Canadian parliamentarian.