Friday, February 08, 2008

Harper Daring Libs To Go

In a "not-so-dangerous" game of chicken (I mean, c'mon, if they lose, we may get rid of them), PMSH (aka Cartman) is pushing for an election campaign.

I don't think Harper is rolling dice on this one. It's pretty calculated. They are trying to pull the same thing as we did to them with elections before the new leader is ready... Calculated strategic thinking. This time it's backed up by a few other things:

1) Weakening economy - usually goes against incumbents, but this time it is the incumbents who've created the perfect conditions for economic turmoil (this guys an economist???). The Conservatives have ran up spending, almost eliminating our huge, mega-billion surpluses. Mind you, they didn't run these up to make us recession-proof with safety nets for workers, businesses, etc.; and they didn't do what families traditionally do when tough times are comin' - pay down debt. Nooooosireee... they decided to spend massive amounts on the military, and tax cuts - including the stupid idea of a consumption tax cut - rather than an income tax cut (that would have helped Canadian families in possible tough times coming). On top of his ridiculous spending (typically Conservative if one checks back in history), Harper decided to destroy many seniors' savings with his income trust "brainwave".

2) Dion's starting to get better. Yes, our leader has made strides in his public persona, and with each moment he grows stonger. It's easier to fight off a "wimp" image or "not a leader", vs. what Day had to fight (incompetent religious zealot), or Harper (hidden agenda, closet dictator, did we say secret hidden agenda?).

3) Conservative scandals are brewing, or have already gone public. Mulroney-Schreiber-Harper PMO; election campaign financing (at a huge scale); "Poll-gate"; etc.

Since they're headed down in the polls (probably also in the millions of internal polls they commissioned), they are deciding to go now, before it gets worse. If they don't get their way with an election, at the very least they will get their way with the confidence votes. "Win/win", or so they think...

I'm one to believe that we don't compromise OUR principles on these issues, but that we also make this VERY PUBLIC, so it is very clear that we are sticking to our guns (bit of a conservative analogy there, but...). It may be time to fight an election - because PM Harper wants one so badly. If we go through the exercise and it's another minority, the public ISN'T going to be happy at all. Thanks Stevie.

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Raphael Alexander said...

I don't think Harper is rolling dice on this one. It's pretty calculated.

Agreed. There's little indication that the Conservatives don't want an election since they're forcing about confidence motions on everything.

Re: 1) I agree with the military expenditures and the tax cuts, but the consumption tax cut wasn't the best idea. Most economists agree raising consumption taxes and income tax cuts are far better.

Re: 2) I don't agree. Dion has a 14% approval rating. If the Liberals succeed it will be in spite of, not because of Dion. Worse yet, I hate to say it, but I think people are tired of French Liberal leaders with terrible English.

Re: 3) Can't believe you missed Detainee issue. That's far more relevant than any made-up Mulroney scandal.