Friday, July 03, 2009

Passionate Agricultural Advocate In Sask Passes...

Ralph Goodale's Weekly Update:

Last week, we lost several high profile celebrities.
A much-loved former Governor General, Romeo Leblanc. Actress Farrah Fawcett. Singer Michael Jackson. They all touched many lives, and are now being mourned by families, friends and admirers in a very public way.
At about the same time, there was another passing. Maybe not as high profile as these others, but just as profound – especially to those who believe in the importance of farming, farm families, smaller communities and the rural way of life.
It was a tragic farming accident that suddenly took the life of Paul Beingessner.
The keenest sense of loss is felt by his wife Faye and their five children. People from all across Saskatchewan have extended heartfelt sympathy and condolences.
That’s because Paul’s life was that of a dedicated, passionate advocate for agriculture and the well-being of rural Canada.
He was not passive. He was intensely engaged in the on-going debate about every dimension of farming. And he sought to make things better, not only for himself and his family, but for his neighbours and for many others he would never know.
On topics like farm income, marketing, producer cars and short-line rails, he was a knowledgeable expert. He lived these issues every day. He wrote about them in weekly newspapers across the prairies. And he made a difference.
Oh yes, he could be controversial, but was always respected. He could be very tough in advancing his arguments, but always likeable and totally sincere.
He operated a third-generation mixed farm near Truax. He wanted family farms to be successful, and he wanted the small towns of rural Saskatchewan to thrive.
A good and decent man, Paul Beingessner worked continuously – with creative ideas, concrete action and a strong voice – to help achieve both. And he will be missed.

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