Thursday, July 02, 2009

Quasi-legal (Illegal?) Use of 10%ers By Conservatives Needs Public Review

This kind of bs has to stop. It is (if legal) tainting the very nature of forthright and sincere politics in Canada (if there is much of that left).

This is hot-button politics of the worst kind... And you know what? What do we suppose the Conservatives are saying to people on the doorstep, if they can say ludicrously hateful and completely false things like this IN PUBLIC WITH YOUR AND MY TAX DOLLARS???

This could well be a MAJOR issue going forward into the next election... and we may be about to make it one... Can't wait to see the "abuse of power" ads...

Lie, Conceal, Fabricate... The Harper "Reform-a-Tory" theme...

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Big Winnie said...

I agree this BS has to stop and stop now!!!