Sunday, August 30, 2009

37 Year Old Richmond Man And An Asian Woman

I'm sure I'm not the only one to take issue with the title of my post. CTV local (Vancouver) News tonight reported a double homicide in Richmond (at a McDonalds Restaurant of all places). The report (more than likely edited by CTV "editors") stated that the victims were "a 37 year-old Richmond man, and an Asian woman".

Just wtf are CTV News trying to say??? Are they drawing a race distinction between the victims? Is the "Asian woman's" race of any importance to this story what-so-fucking-ever???

It's bullshit like this that tells us - very vividly - that racism is alive and well in Canada. More troubling, however, is (some) of our media's blatant participation in this.

Note to private media: Try describing people in less racially biased terms. A gang is a gang. I don't care if they're East Indian, or Chinese, or Jamaican... (considering most gangs are "white", and Canada's biggest and most established "gangs" are "white" - yet the gangs are only described by race if they're "off-white").

Used to be that only perps and suspects were described by race (wrong too). Now, it seems to be everyone on the news. WTF is the need to highlight a victim's race?

The problems of an amateurish, ill-trained, non-professional media continue to impact us all. CTV seems to continue to be at the pinnacle of "amateur". Throw in the "corporate agenda", and we can quickly see why racism seems to play into tabloid "so-called" news reporting.

"In Richmond last night, a 37 year-old male, and a second diner were stabbed to death..."

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Anonymous said...

You're overreacting. If she was Asian, she was Asian.

Should I be upset if they said caucasian?

Anonymous said...

If you bother to check into it both victims were Asian as was the attacker.

WesternGrit said...

We decided to post the two idiotic "Anon" comments... just so we may dissect them...

"Should I be upset if they said caucasian?" ... And this is when ignorant idiots miss the point. "...if they said caucasian?" THEY WON'T. And, if they did, they shouldn't.

The simple point is that pointing out a person's race, lends to segregation and discrimination.

You point out that "both victims were Asian". It doesn't f'n matter you clown! When the average person hears the news report as stated, it lends to ridiculous conclusions that we often hear on the doorstep, or at community crime forums. Stuff like: "Yup, another Asian crime", or "Asian gangs", etc.... There is NO reason for that. A crime occurred among the general population. Race does not matter... If there is a manhunt being conducted, and we're given a description, that's a different story. In this case, it was NOT the case.

It's funny that some people don't understand the meaning of racism.

WesternGrit said...

We expected the "political correctness gone overboard" comments...

Let us be clear: Sure, a person's ethnicity/race/nationality can be used as a descriptive term. Just, when it is of importance. Repeating ourselves here: The person(s) race in this case had NOTHING to do with it.

When people hear a race attached to this type of senseless act, they tend to jump to conclusions, often associating the race of perps/victims with that type of act.

Of course the wacko right screams and jumps up and down about "politcal correctness"...