Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sick Of US Healthcare LIES, and Conservative Canada-Bashing?

You're not the only one...

Join the rally to defend Canada's national healthcare system. We all know the Conservative "Government of Canada" sure won't...

As we all know, we're deluged by US programming/propaganda on our TV screens. Most "average" Canucks will see the US stories on networks like Fox, CNN, and CNBC, and believe the right-wing Conservative "shite" that's being spread on the airwaves. It's a fact... It's happened for many years (the US networks' insideous move into Canada is another battle altogether). We have ignorant Canadians (you know the ones) who actually believe we have aConstitutional "right" to bear arms!??? Fox News is the most requested programming in Western Canada according to Cable Company sources.

Won't be long before the US media and "pundits" do to Canada what years of Conservative (and private corporate lobby) efforts could not do - dismantle our own healthcare system... one of the World's best (and certainly much better than the US system - according the WHO).

Here's the AVAAZ story/email, and links:

Dear friends,

Please activate images! American corporations are spreading lies about Canadian health care to kill Obama's health plan -- and with it his whole movement for change. Sign the message to Americans about how much we value our public health care. Our system isn't perfect, but it's far better than America's! Let's set the record straight!

Sign The Petition!

Obama's movement for change in the US is collapsing -- in large part because of lies about the Canadian healthcare system!

It's incredible, but Obama's health plan, and with it his entire Presidency, could be derailed because big corporations and the radical right manage to convince Americans that our health system is a nightmare similar to "Soviet Russia".

We need a huge popular outcry to show the truth -- how proud and grateful we are to have public healthcare in Canada, even despite its drawbacks. Sign on to the message to America -- if enough of us sign and tell friends, we'll be a story in US media and help change the debate:

US healthcare is far more costly and lower quality than almost any other system in the developed world. But reform threatens Obama's majority in the US Congress as happened in 1994 when Bill Clinton attempt to extend health care. If this occurs, progress on every global issue is endangered, from climate change to the war in Iraq.

Obama's health care bill will be championed or buried this month so we have no time to lose. Together we can help turn the debate away from the fear tactics by giving American politicians and the public the truth about government health care in our country.

August is the most critical time in the debate as insurance companies and interest groups begin their lobbying in earnest before the September sitting of Congress. Defend our national health care system and support Obama's reform plan by signing the 'we support universal health care' petition below:

Obama's plan for universal health care is at risk because the powerful medical insurance lobby and right-wing propaganda machine is undermining critical political support in Congress. Our chance is to show that, despite its drawbacks, our national health care system works and should not be used as the bogeyman in the US debate.

The truth is, government funded health care is vastly cheaper, more efficient, and more effective than turning health care over to large corporations whose only bottom line is profit. The US spends twice as much on health as any other country and ranks 37th in the world in health quality. While 40 million Americans don't have health care, health companies make giant profits. Yet in the US, citizens only hear corporate propaganda that our health care in Canada is a disaster. Say it ain't so below:

Certainly, our health care in Canada is not as good it could be -- but it's a damn sight better than in the US. Let's stand up to the lies about our health care, and let the American population and their politicians know the truth about why health care reform is so important.

With hope,

Brett, Ricken, Ben, Alice, Graziela, Paula, Benjamin, Paul, Pascal and the whole Avaaz team.


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