Thursday, January 28, 2010

Framer Recognizes Ignatieff... Liberal Victory On It's Way!

I'm not a big believer is polls, except as they reflect "general trends". A "statistical tie" is the best assessment we can glean from the current round of polling.

One thing I do believe in, is the "buzz on the street". Last week, while getting some work done around the house, a framer pointed out "Ignatieff" (not "Iggy", or "that Liberal leader", etc.). I was floored.

For several years I've been hoping to hear some recognition of one of our leaders (post-Martin) by members of the general public. Not just random comments about what's on the the cover of the local paper, but "real" recognition. Last week I found that recognition.

When the real "Joe Average" (not pundits, politicos, and hacks) start talking up your leader, you're coming around.

We've come around.

Now let's give them all something concrete to stand on.

Can we wait until the "Thinkers Conference"? I don't know. We certainly should make public some of the discussions that will occur leading up to, and during, that meeting of "the minds".

Hmmm... It's nice to be 'back'...

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