Friday, January 14, 2011

Nothin' Happenin'... Doin' Nuthin'

Haven't really blogged much lately.

Haven't seen a need. Government still isn't doing anything. Sure, I could just talk about election speculation... or hammer home other issues for the 15th or 20th time, but, it seems an election will most likely be upon us soon enough. There'll be plenty 'o time to go on ad nauseum on why our side is so much better then... probably several times a day...

Just seems we've seen/heard all this before... The media reports (according to Kinsella) all look the same (which is quite true). The blogs look the same... There is a strange absence of foaming-at-the-mouth angry Cons. Perhaps not so strange given the condition of "popular North American NeoConservatism" lately... The right wing So-Cons in the USA are in hiding out of public view hoping things wash over. This creates a void - that the Dems don't seem to want to fill (although, since most of the radio shock jocks and crazy-angry TV talking heads are Cons, it explains the absence somewhat).

North of the 49th, it seems the Cons have completely given up attempting to govern (if they actually ever really began). This "government about nothing" continues to coast while they dig us futher into debt. Neutered due to lack of a majority, they are unable to get into "right wing mode". They seem to feel that one or two pieces of minor legislation are enough for the short Parliamentary sessions. Focus for the Northern So-Cons is re-election, be it by what appears to be tax-payer funding of partisan electioneering (see Kady's blog at CBC), or long recesses to spend most of these months in the riding.

So... Same ol' same ol'.

Are any of us any better off than 5 years ago? I seriously doubt it. More unemployed. No new jobs. Real estate crash just over the horizon (a result of the bubble that was artificially created by Harper and Flaherty with their 0-down 40-year mortgages).

And they wanna WHAT??? Build US-style mega-prisons? Buy Star Wars fighter jets when we're swimming in the largest debt in history? Give more tax cuts to the rich (at the expense of the national treasury - unless they tax the poor somehow... probably with cuts to essential services?)?

Same ol' Neo-Con wannabes.

Same old vacant ideology at work. Canada does NOT need to be another Mike Harris (see "Common Sense" Revolution) basket case. Yet - we see the same things we feared from the HarperCons when they first lucked into office...

Call me in a month... I'll be back.

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