Monday, July 28, 2008

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It... Oh Yeah, If Only...

Had a chuckle reading Cherniak's post today. Some of the responses are just precious... It's great when a Conservative has an epiphany...

The Rat: "Have none of you ever heard that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Is Canada so broken that only Liberal "Big Ideas" can fix it? I guess it never occurred to you that maybe people are just sick of those big ideas, especially social-engineering-type ideas, you guys always have."

Dear Rat: That's what I say. Harper hasn't had to do ANYTHING because he assumed control of a perfectly functioning country, with the best economy of the G8, and basically, the best nation on earth.

It's true that he didn't have to have any ideas, when he assumed a perfectly functioning economy, a government that governed - instead of leaving EVERYTHING besides military funding and the "Department of Foreign Embarrassment" to the Provinces.

It's true that Harper had NO plan besides a bone-headed tax cut that went against what most economists would have considered SANE, at a time when everyone knew the US economy is tanking.

It's true that Harper didn't have to do anything - and that's exactly what he did: nothing.

"Mega-projects"? Heck, he couldn't even bungle himself through a "Micro-project". His cabinet is a sham and a farce - everyone except for Mister Emerson - who Harper had to borrow from the Liberals. Oh, and we should clarify to you, my friend, that even most Conservatives can't agree on how much government involvement there needs to be. The opinions range from Harper's inner circle's "let the provinces take care of it", to many former PCers (hey, they were almost ALL former PCers in the Mulroney era) who believe in government spending higher than anything any Liberal PM ever did.

Speaking of government spending, did you know that Stephen Harper is the most SPEND-HAPPY PM Canada has EVER had? That includes Pierre Trudeau (who incidentally spent more on the MILITARY than any other PM - including our current one - "Mr. Bungles").

Thanks Rat - for admitting what many Cons don't have the cajones to... That there was really nothing wrong with Canada before Harper assumed control.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Yeah... If only... Not to worry, however, as we soon will have a new PM. We'll have a new PM, who WILL act on:

- The environment
- Income Tax cuts
- Repairing Canada's image abroad
- Speaking for Canada's First Nations
- Not being a Republican/Bushie lap-dog
- Running a Federal Government LIKE a GOVERNMENT, and not just a tax collecting body
- The rampant assault on Canadian freedoms by Corporate conglomerates
- Being a compassionate government FOR the people - vs. a government OWNED by Alberta oil interests.
- Truly cleaning up Ottawa - not just saying you will. The last person to really ACT on corruption and scandal was PM Paul Martin. He even went as far as pointing the finger at some lower end denizens of his own party in Quebec - at the eventual risk of electoral loss - just to ensure that some guidelines were established. Let's see Harper do something even remotely similar...


Oldschool said...

Gee . . . I sure appreciated my tax cut!!!!
Canada was a perfectly functioning country . . . WHAT!!! Did you just get here last week????
Under the mismanagement of the LPC . . .
Canada's industry moved to friendlier locations . . . mostly outside of Canada.
We were the highest taxed country in the G8.
We signed on the Kyoto, the treaty of fools, and agreed to the largest reduction. (Those damn Liberal negotiators).
Medicare falling apart.
Military with 1960's equipment.
PM giving money to friends - we are still waiting for the LPC to pay it back.
Almost lost Quebec in the referendum.
Liberals, PET, came up with our wonderful constitution that DOES NOT guarantee us FREE SPEACH or PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.
Then there's the disfunctional courts, RCMP and the tax sucking CBC.
Yea . . . they were doing such a great job that they lost the last election, and Citizen (tax it if it moves) Dion will lose the next election.

Frankly Canadian said...

These are the type of facts that I would love to read in the local newspaper, Canadians need to understand Harper is all about spending money to get votes and nothing more. I had no idea that Trudeau was the P.M. who spent the most on the military. Good article Western Grit.

WesternGrit said...

Oldschool. Thanks for the attempt at cordiality.

Mismanagement is what is going on right now. Our economy is tanking - thanks in LARGE part to the idiotic financial policy of the same finance minister who ruined Ontario's economy. Under the Liberal government, international publications like the economist ran COVERS dubbing us "Cool Canada", and calling us a "Northern Tiger". We had the strongest economy in the West.

We were NOT the highest taxed country in the G8 - and please indicate which tax you mean next time... (personal, business, consumption, income, etc.). The Liberal government did more to attract foreign investment than any in recent memory. They also didn't comment on the dollar, so that it would artificially inflate in value and TANK local industry - like Flaherty did.

Medicare - Has been a work in progress for decades. And don't wax "holy" about medicare, when you know the Conservative dream is a US-style user-who-can-afford-pay system.

Kyoto. Get off it. Only the US, India, China, Russia, stood back from global obligations. Yes, the Liberal government had a weak start at targets, but recognizing there is a problem is the first step at a solution. We didn't sit and deny it existed. Oh yeah, it was a strong Opposition led by Harper which fought every Liberal environmental measure tooth and nail - as keen defenders of Alberta oil.

Military - Had 60s/70s equipment because after Trudeau (the highest defense spending PM in Canadian history), all people like Mulroney could do was a few very public deals, which were more for notoriety than anything. Let's look at the "age of equipment" issue, shall we? The big topic there was always the Sea Kings. Guess what the Presidents of the US have ridden on for years? Why, the Sea King, of course. It is known for it's resilience and adaptability.

PM giving money to friends: Hmmm... You perhaps have been sleeping for the past few months. Mr. Cretien was completely absolved of any wrong-doing whatsoever, by the courts of this land no less. By the way, are you (in writing) insinuating something? You should be very careful that you're not sued... Oh, wait a minute, Mr. Cretien wasn't a litigious chicken... He addressed his accusers directly.

Constitution. It has a Charter of Rights that looks after us "little guys", and makes ample consideration for what should be protected. By "free speach", do you mean "free speech"? I do wish our current PM didn't cut back so far on national educational programs - that would have been delivered by a Martin government (1st and last year of university paid for all qualified, passing, students).

Courts, RCMP, taxes... Sounds like the cries of a lawless, angry person. You dislike our legal system, seemingly our police force too, AND you would rather not pay taxes. See, the problem with you ultra-libertarian neo-Cons is that you are a lot like the groups like the "Montana Militia". You dream of a society reduced to eat or be eaten. The wild west. Every person for themselves. You don't believe in a "hand up", let alone a "hand out". Under your rules there would be a lot of gun-toting Sheriffs, and a lot of very fearful citizens - living under a siege mentality - very similar to some parts of the US MidWest, where they kill innocent citizens just because they are the "same color" as "the terrorists".

Next election: Just wait. I can't even hold back my glee. Harper and his flock are out.

WesternGrit said...

Here's a breakdown of taxes of Western Countries. Take a careful look at where we stand - relatively at the lower end of the scale. Economic superpower Germany has much higher overall taxes than we do.

Stop drinking the Conservative koolaid. You may be smarter than that. By the way, note how the Social Security taxes are the lowest in Canada. That says a lot for Canada's caring for it's seniors and underprivileged citizens.

The figures are from 2002, to show a mid-last-Cretien term, and reflect numbers that have been generally similar since about 1994. As a matter of fact, several taxes were much higher under the supposedly conservative Mulroney government.

Stop listening to the American bullshit about "tax and spend Liberals". It doesn't apply to Canada, and never has. As a matter of fact, my analysis shows that Conservative governments in Canada - when elected at times of Conservative US governments - try to outspend their Republican cousins in big ticket items like planes, warships (general military), and tax-cuts (usually misdirected to their corporate friends), but end up creating a massive debt. Liberal governments spend, but on areas which don't just put money in rich peoples' pockets. No. We invest in learning, research, home-grown businesses, incentives for local growth, and infrastructure. All these ideas bring more growth, spin-off industry, and help fight tough economic times - while making the future more infrastructurally sound.

Dman said...

I get a kick out of the Con attack ads claiming Dion is not a leader especially in light of the fact that Harper is clearly the one seriously lacking anything resembling leadership skills ... Harper is no more than a third rate salesman (with apologies to salespeople everywhere). Con's tell us Harper is an economist and a master strategist ... what total jokes as this is pure hype and propoganda.

A prairie toad has more charisma than Harper & his crew of bandits combined ... & I'm just getting started.