Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

To the best country on Earth (even if somewhat tainted by the pro-Bushie Harper regime), from the Best Place On Earth (BC - what can I say?  It's on our license plates, so it MUST be true)!

Happy Birthday Canada!

(The image is of wine growing country in the Okanagan-Thompson Corridor)

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Kevin said...

pro-Bushie Harper regime? You are kidding right? You probably don't know many conservatives because almost no one I know considers bush a conservative. He is a neo-con which has its roots with Trotsky. A true conservative believes in small government, personal freedom and personal responsibility. Bush and the neo-cons are all about large government and the erosion of personal freedoms. He has been the leader of the most wastefull government in the history of the US. As far as Harper is concerned he is not perfect but he is better than the socialist alternatives.