Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Canada!

Canada always hits way over it's "weight class" when it comes to Winter Games. In comparing with the USA, we have 10 times less population. They should be getting almost 10x as many medals.

We win. Regardless of the men's hockey results...

More on the "take-aways" from these games in a later post. Let's just say that having them in Vancouver, and being the most mass-transit-friendly, and greenest (with a strong focus on both these topics) was a huge part of the "fan-success" of these games. The record crowds in downtown Van didn't just "appear" - they came from across the Lower Mainland, and from around the world - and they used the efficient green transportation set out in Vancouver to get most, all, or part of the way. This is truly a legacy of the games. We need to push for more rail transit, more mass transit, and more high speed rail - as well as a focus on more pedestrian streets.

Go Canada!

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Anonymous said...

These are the rich kids games. Who skis as a kid? The rich kids. Who has money for hockey equipment, year after year? The rich kids. Who can afford figure skating lessons? The rich kids.

The legacy of the IDEA of Canada determining its value in sport is totally upside down. We should be best because we have the most kids trying out for the most sports. We should be best because our child poverty rates are SO LOW that we're drowning in fit and active kids. Our kids playing soccer should be world class because so many kids are playing soccer.

The Winter Olympics are really the worst for requiring that your parents have an income of at least $40K to even consider signing up. It would be interesting to find out the income level of the parents of the olympic athletes competing, don't you think?