Saturday, June 26, 2010

Harper/Reform-a-Tory's Hatred of Toronto Shines Through

Living in Calgary for many years, the seething hatred towards Toronto (and to a lesser extent Vancouver and Montreal) was visibly on display by most all of the Reform crowd. Colorful language is often used to describe Vancouver, TO, or other large, non-Conservative cities... Harper and his ilk never hid their hatred for the "Big Smoke"... Perhaps childhood traumas for our PM???

Anyways, it appears today that their "gift" to Toronto is more like a big "F You Toronto". I mean, c'mon, they clearly KNEW what the summit would bring. They knew that holding it in Toronto would bring protest and more. They had mega-police protecting the fences, while the rioters laid waste to the rest of the fair city.

There's a lot more to the reason the summit was held in Toronto. First the disgusting waste of taxpayer funds... Now the realized Conservative dream of chaos and destruction wished on the good people of Toronto, our nation's largest, most diverse city. We often heard Conservative comments in Alberta and "off mike". Now we see what they really wanted for the "Big Smoke"... Real smoke, it appears.

Pathetic. Infantile. Reform-a-Tories...

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! Canada's biggest and best city should not hold a summit for fear the mobs may rule. Wanna know whats ironic from someone in his 50's...?? Pierre Elliot Trudeau would have been in full flak jacket in defiance of a mob with his middle finger pointed at them today if he was still around.
What happened to your spine and what happened to your party?

Cari said...

Adam Vaughan, City councillor and the Mayor of Toronto both did not want it in downtown Toronto.... They had said so. more than once. They wanted Harper to have it in Exhibition Place, where it could be well monitored..Harper said NO!!
I guess it wasn't fancy enough.

Top Can said...

Oh yeah, blame the protesters who just torched a police cruiser on the political emnity that the Harper government has for Toronto. What an idiotic statement.

PeterC said...

I kinda agree with Anonymous, mobs are nothing new. The overriding fear of them is, people want to be taken care of and that makes me sad.

On the other hand, people from big cities do have differing values from the rest of Canada. I've moved out east and travel to TO and Montreal regularly now. People exist in a different world that has nothing to do with liberal or CONservative.

sharonapple88 said...

What happened to your spine and what happened to your party?

What city in their right mind would ever want to host one of these things? It's one thing to stand tough for something wanted or needed... but a G8 or G20 conference?

Over a billion spent to keep a small number of people safe. The core choked off, the city turned into a ghostown in the days leading up to the conference, thousands of police officers bused in to provide security, people arrested in the middle of the night after accidentally being identified as a protester, store owners now having to replace their storefront glass. Try holding one of these things in your downtown area, and you see what a nightmare they are. It's a lot to ask people to sacrifice and put up with for some photo-ops for a few world leaders.