Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Merger? Bah... Not likely

This isn't really happening.

No, seriously. It's not.

The talks of merger are just a "shot across the bow" of the Harper party... who are terrified of such a prospect.

Fact is, if the public is exposed to enough positive talk about a merger... then we end up with "just" a coalition, or better yet, a "cooperation agreement", they will be much more accepting. This is precisely what is currently going on.

Go back to worrying about Harper's destruction of the Canadian economy people... The LPC is still the LPC. We may "work with" others, but "we're" still "we".

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Oemissions said...

I voted Lib last time. This time it's for the NDP
or Harper is in again.

DavidA said...

Pass the bong!

Seriously though, we aren't scared. We have no opposition and the LPC is fucked right now.

Ya gotta go home, have your juice box, then a nap, and get your shit together.

Come back to the playground when you're ready to FIGHT.

ck said...

Actually, I'd be more nervous.

Since Iggy made his little announcement and the chatter is continuing in (no one says it, but it's a pretty safe bet that when the media and pundits talk about Liberal insiders, they're talking about Bob Rae's camp.)

I also think that camp would rather sink the party, and let Harper get his majority than have him step aside.

If the Liberals want some kind of shot at at least preventing a Harpercon majority, they're going to have to stop that whole "hoping for the best" stuff. Certainly, forget coalition. It's now red meat for the conservatives and unless that coalition talk of any kind is quashed NOW, Harper will get that majority. After all, those blue grits and those who vote for them will need a new home.

Honestly, Both Rae and Iggy must go now. Time for the future stars to step up to the plate now. There are candidates who would not need any coalitions to win and everybody knows this.

WesternGrit said...

David, the only reason for an expletive-charged retort like yours IS because Harper is shaking in his boots over this possible scenario.

He's been afraid of being kicked out of power by the majority of MPs in the House for years now - the only reason he spent millions on ads to fight it - BEFORE it ever even happened.

Regardless of the cause of this current merger discussions, it HELPS the Liberals since it "normalizes" the discussion of what Harp the Liar had previously demonized. The situation in Britain also helps immensely.