Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jet Fighters, or More Computer Scientists?

For any sane government the choice would be simple: spend billions on Star Wars jet fighters, or put money into R&D, stop fighting with your top scientists, and focus on REAL threats to Canadian sovereignty (not "Soviet era turboprop bombers" or Taliban Stealth fighters - which DON'T exist).

Jet fighters or science and technology funding?

The choice couldn't be clearer today.

Here is a gov't that has attacked top science advisors, argued facts of basic scientific theory, alienated most of the scientific community, and systematically shut off funding to science, research, and development. They don't believe in science. Just how the heck are they supposed to help us defend ourselves in this "new economy"?

This government is showing us "amateur hour" more and more every week, month, and year. Harper's cuts to science and technology leaves openings for massive failures such as this. His ideology and NeoConservative approach to life and politics is the major cause of such vulnerabilities.

Instead of living out their "flyboy masturbatory fantasies" Harper and Cons need to start getting real with their priorities. Unfortunately, they'll always be a bunch of unskilled, amateurish, anti-science wankers.

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