Thursday, February 24, 2011

Watch An Armed Forces Commercial Lately?

There are our men and women of the forces hopping on a plane and ski-doos, and heading to remote northern locations to rescue plane crash victims... or out to sea to stop smugglers...

Much has been made of Harper's vaunted build-up of Canada's armed forces. But has he really?

Why has it taken a week to respond to Canadian citizens in Libya?

Why have some Canadians called Foreign Affairs (AFTER registering with them) and finding they are not on a list of Canadians in Libya?

Why is a C-17 ONLY being dispatched today, after begging the Brits and Americans to let our nationals on their ships and planes - which are sitting in port or on the ground - due to the increasingly hostile conditions over there. Now, that it might be much more of a challenge to get them out, we're "standing-by" (not "standing up") for Canadians with our C-17.

Did this government improve the military, or was it just lip-service, and a way to get open source contracts to their defense friends?

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ridenrain said...

Sending troops into a foreign country uninvited is frowned upon. e should have send in Paul Martin. It already looks like he's chummy with the current dictator anyways.

WesternGrit said...

Backed by the UN, sending troops is right - and just - according to international law and the World Court. PM Martin was seen with Khaddafi at the SAME TIME as numerous other world leaders including Tony Blair, George W Bush - and even retired Presidents Clinton and Bush Senior. At the time Khaddafi and foreign partners were trying to get the "African Union" peace keepers going - something that helped East and Central Africa handle crises locally. A huge success for a home-grown (African) effort. This also came long AFTER Khaddafi had sanctions put against him, and had finally come to renounce has past transgressions.

Remember too - the West wanted his oil, and figured accepting him was the only way to get it.

You need to brush up on your African history before you try to smear someone as outgoing and full of integrity as PM Martin.