Wednesday, February 02, 2011

RCMP Museum Should Be "National Museum" - Goodale

Continuing to work for the best interests of the people of Saskatchewan, Ralph Goodale talks about federal funding of the RCMP Museum at Depot Division in Regina - home of Canada's RCMP...

Goodale Calls for “National Museum Status” for RCMP Heritage Centre

OTTAWA – The RCMP Heritage Centre needs to be declared a "national museum” of Canada, says Wascana MP Ralph Goodale.

“While the belated news is welcome that the Harper government is finally putting a bit of operating money into the RCMP Heritage Centre, this is a one-time-only commitment,” said Goodale. “They say they're buying a couple of years for the Centre to come up with a long-term plan for itself.”

“That's fine, but the goal should already be clear. The RCMP Heritage Centre needs to be declared a "national" museum of Canada.”

There are several such museums across the country, including four in the National Capital Region around Ottawa, the historic "Pier 21" immigration arrival centre in Halifax and the new Human Rights museum in Winnipeg.

“Celebrating the storied history of the RCMP is certainly a matter of national importance,” he continued. “And there's no better venue than the Heritage Centre adjacent to historic Depot Division in Regina.”

Declaring a facility to be a "national museum" brings two benefits- high operating standards and long-term federal funding.

“I am proud to have led the effort to secure the federal funding necessary to build the RCMP Heritage Centre in the first place -- in partnership with the province, the city, RCMP veterans, the private sector and community volunteers,” he concluded. “The next stage must be securing "national museum" status.”

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ridenrain said...

Silly.. National museums can only be made in Liberal ridings.

So how's that canoe museum comming along? Still open?

WesternGrit said...

Oh Riden... I was SO hoping some Reform-a-Tory apologist would comment on this...

The RCMP museum in Regina is NOT in a Liberal riding. the only Liberal riding in Regina (and Sask, for that matter) is Ralph Goodale's "Wascana" riding on the East side of the city, and comprising mainly rural territory. The RCMP museum (been there many times myself) is on the far West of the city. I'm pretty sure its in Regina Palliser - which I believe makes it a Conservative riding.

Once again, clowns with Conservative "talking points" and mindless partisanship try to control the debate - without any facts.

Ralph's support of the Museum, the University of Sask (in Saskatoon), and many, many other Saskatchewan landmarks and businesses shows his non-partisan love and caring for the province of his birth... a place he truly loves.