Monday, January 07, 2008

Edwards To "Pull A Dion"

Rumor has it John Edwards will mimic Canadian liberal politics in the next few months... It may seem early, but old Johnny is going to go from 3rd/4th to 1st. He may even get a hand from a Kennedy along the way...

As the US electoral process trudges along for the next several eons, voters will continue to jettison thoughts of a Hillary White House... Obama will surge, but like bright, savvy, upstarts before him (even in Canada), he will invariably attract the "Anything but Obama" vote (remind you of something?). Bright young Barack - he of the "fresh face" - will go down to defeat... Who's left? Why, the "safe" choice - John Edwards - of course!

This blogger has written good things about John Edwards previously, and I do continue with my support. His quest for an end to corporate greed has piqued my interest.

; )

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s.b. said...

Um, that only works in real conventions, which is not going to happen on the Democratic side. It also seems to me that in the caucuses, where second choices can coun't, they aren't moving to Edwards. It could however happen on the Republican side and it has never happened inthe modern political history of the US. Now that would be something to watch, but it wont be the dems.