Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Greater Vancouver Blizzard - "Global Warming Doesn't Exist" (Random Reform-Conservative MP)

Woke up this morning thinking I was back in Saskatchewan again. Well... err... okay... maybe not in Saskatchewan, but the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver were starting to look a lot more like home this morning. The pics above include a shot out my front door, my drive past Tynehead Regional Park (near home) on a snow-covered road, and a shot of the traffic jam on the Trans-Canada Highway - just East of the Port Mann Bridge (where it crosses the Fraser from Surrey to Port Coquitlam).

So... I just slapped my Tacoma into 4x4 and had some fun - being very careful of Vancouver drivers in their Priuses and Hybrid Civics on summer tires. What's interesting out here is that you get some "not so bright people" driving around in SUVs with 20" wheels with basically racing slicks. These geniuses think just because they have a 4x4 they can drive their "gansta-mobile" (usually an Escalade, Hummer, or Lincoln) like it's on skates. Funny to see so many of them in ditches.

Folks around here can't remember the last time there was snow like this, or like what we've seen the past couple of years. Sure it will melt in a day or two... but it's just not "normal". Go figure. Climate change is real. There is an expectation of more frequent and more powerful storm systems. While last night's storm in Vancouver was nothing for a flatlander like myself, it certainly caused some angst for 'Couverites.

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