Thursday, January 03, 2008

Democratic Primaries - Thoughts

So tonight our friends and neighbors to the South will embark on the process to clean out the White House. I'm not going to touch on the Republican side, as I don't think any of us really care what the American Religious Right will pass along as a "passable" conservative representative. Our passion is liberal democratic politics, and that is what I've looked at on this blog today.

There are three fairly solid candidates seeking the Presidency: Hillary Clinton; Barack Obama; and John Edwards. All three have been darlings of the Democratic Party faithful at one time or another. That's basically where the similarities end. Here is WesternGrit's take on the candidates, and what they may represent...

Hillary Clinton: Hillary was an "uber-feminist", and rights advocate for many years. Even while in the White House with Bill, she was the mind behind many good ideas - including the push for better health care (although a Republican-dominated House, and strong Medico lobby killed it). Sounds like she is a great choice, right? Sure, if she didn't sell out all her principles. The only way she has stood up for women recently, is by BEING one. Sorry Hillary, that's not enough. Then, there's the invasion of Iraq. Hillary stood up and endorsed this illegal war, not once, not twice, but multiple times. She supported the Bushies, even though the World, and any logical, moderate person could see the war was misdirected. Hillary also caved in to the Big Drug Cos. and softened her stance on universal healthcare. Sorry Hillary, you're a sell-out.

Barack Obama: I like Barack. He's young, he's extremely intelligent, he's articulate - beyond any of the others, and best of all: he's African American, and it's about bloody time. Barack seems (on first look), however, to be a little too cozy with the big corporations, and is the benefactor of almost as many corporate dollars as Hillary. We have some questions about his "working with the insurance companies" on healthcare approach. Yeah, the American people need to be robbed by insurance companies and drug companies any more than they already have...  We hope this is simply a way for him to deflect any right wing criticism until he is in the White House.

John Edwards: Yeah, the middle aged "mainstream" male. How cliche'. Yet, John is the most progressive of any of the candidates (in the big three). He is charismatic (perhaps not quite as charismatic as Obama), and he is intelligent too. He is the only candidate who closely resembles true liberal democrats around the world (ie, Canada and Europe). He has not been heavily bought out by corporate donors. He has, in fact, spoken out against the big corps. Now these are refreshing words coming from a politician in the US - heck, even in Canada: "I absolutely believe to my soul that this corporate greed and corporate power has an ironclad hold on our democracy." Never even heard one of our Liberal leaders utter these very true - and frightening - words.

John Edwards seems to clearly be the consummate liberal. He is outspoken - and not afraid to speak. It's about time we saw more politicians who weren't afraid of big corporations. Edwards has actually said he will go after the big oil and drug companies. Bravo. In Canada it seems our politicos are busy currying favor with private interests - especially on the conservative side of the spectrum. P3s are all the vogue. Nice to see some of our neighbors to the South claiming a new political reality.

Government "for the people" - what a concept. We need more politicians like John Edwards, and Barack Obama.  If not Edwards, then Obama for sure (as long as he rethinks his healthcare plan - which I'm sure he will).


Lizt. said...

I may be crazy, but he reminds me of another Liberal Democrat. John Edwards reminds me of Robert Kenendy

Mushroom said...

Not at all.

Edwards' initial war on poverty takes after Robert Kennedy a lot. Both are equally smarmy, but RFK at Attorney-General had a much higher reputation than Edwards.

Recently, Edwards' campaign reminds me more of Gephardt. More blue collar than war on poverty. This was a conscious effort because Iowans don't do poverty well, and so does rural America.

I can ramble on about Stephane Dion being on another war on poverty and being the Grits' version of RFK. But I am digressing.