Thursday, January 03, 2008

John Edwards: Promising To Be Tough On Corporate Greed

A great excerpt from John Edward's blog tonight: "You have the power to decide whether we will continue to let corporate greed run our country, or whether we take a stand on behalf of working people and the voiceless. Whether we take a stand for our Constitution."


RuralSandi said...

Has he been talking to Jack Layton? I know Ralph Nader (US version of NDP) supports Edwards.

Ya - right Edwards - corporate greed - while you got rich on slip and fall, injury, illness - legal cases, uh huh

WesternGrit said...

For the record, there is no "US version of NDP". The US "Reform Party" is a libertarian party, which is closer to the old Canadian Reformers - with the exception of the evangelical bent, and neo-Con tinge. They are a populist version of the Democrats - the original US "working people's party".

I've worked in the Corporate sector for 16yrs, and currently own my own business. I'm a bit of an "insider" to the topic of my blog. Just laying it out like it IS - not being political.

I'm not a lawyer, and I know Edwards has been litigious, but it was always to help the "little guy". He has been up front about confronting corporate greed and excess - whether it pertains to trashing the environment, pushing out small business, destroying communities and practicing "scorched earth" policies with the land, or simply using their corporate strength to bully private citizens... He's been an "advocate" for the ordinary American. Good for him.