Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harper: Call Me "Mr. Bungles"

The HarpoCons insultingly attacked a speech inflection that Paul Martin had and dubbed him "Mr. Dithers"... Mr. Martin's "hems", and "ums" were quite noticeable and did impact his effectiveness as a leader - it made him appear to waffle or dither... It's poetic justice that Stephen Harper is now being besieged by the greatest number of scandals in such a short time in Canadian political history. Call him Mr. Bungles.

The Conservative scandals are numerous, and all so serious that they warrant serious public attention. Much of what has occurred really just points to the complete lack of talent in the Conservative Caucus. The ineptness of the Harper Government has reached "biblical" proportions - to use a typically Alberta Conservative phrase.

We all recall "Cadscam". We are still awaiting Harper's answer as to what he knew in the way of "financial considerations" - you know, the one's all of Canada heard him discuss on tape.

Then there is the fiasco surrounding income trusts. Once again Stephen Harper used his "great political judgment" and appointed a totally inept Minister (Flaherty). Income trusts were not the only thing Flaherty/Harper bungled. They shamelessly talked up the Canadian dollar (good for their conservative friends who all want to invest in American blue-chips on "Teh Wall Street", or in US big oil... or just their retirement home down South in their "promised land"). The dollar's "Flaherty-shock" has bounced it up to high levels that have laid waste to Canada's manufacturing sector.

There's the scandal involving election financing, and the potential that the Cons won the last minority with a little "illicit funding". This scandal is STILL wide open, and is being investigated.

There are other scandals, flubs, and signs of an inept government, but the one that really stands out is "NAFTA-gate". What was the Conservative government of Canada doing in appearing to help their equally conservative Republican friends South of the border? Were they attempting to discredit the odds-on favorite to be the next President of the US? It's funny that Maxime Bernier's name seems to pop up there again - as the minister who gave the nod to hire the son of a senior elected Republican - the same kid who apparently was the courier for the scandalous (and false) info going to the US media. The facts on this huge international incident remain to be uncovered. The next government of Canada needs to ensure there is a detailed investigation, as it is pretty certain that using your elected post to try to influence the elections of another country HAS to break some sort of rule... We know Harper's government is pretty adverse to investigating itself...

Mr. Bungle's government is beginning to be known for their lack of talent. They have put their best feet forward - and it appears they are "smelly" and "hammer-toed"... The extreme lack of talent in the Conservative camp is amplified by the fact that all the "good" people are staying on as provincial PROGRESSIVE Conservatives (Danny Williams, Bernard Lord, etc.). The provincials that did decide to climb the federal ladder are the same ones who bungled Ontario's economy under Mike Harris's "common-sense revolution" (what a misnomer THAT was). Of course it took the "political genius" of Mr. Bungles to give them starring roles in his cabinet. One only has to look at what Jim Flaherty has done (with Harper's direction) to lay waste to Canada's manufacturing sector, and our surpluses, and our tax-roles, AND income trusts, etc., to see how poor a team Harper has - or how poor a judge of character and skill he is.

The Conservatives can't misdirect Canadians away anymore. They are a party filled with extremely incompetent MPs, and "Mr. Bungles'" insistence in being in FULL CONTROL of each MP means that he has been fully aware of what they have been up to. I mean, c'mon, this guy reads their House notes before they speak. Mr. Bungles is the most anally-retentive, control-freak PM Canada's ever had. And he used to joke about "Chairman Jean". What a joke. Harper/Mr. Bungles knows what's going on around him - we have to admit that. If not, than his whole "cool operator/political genius" ruse was just that - a ruse. Most certainly a media concoction. Harper must have been intimately aware of details surrounding these major scandals. People who share time (and beds) with top cabinet members do have their backgrounds checked. People who attend state functions (like dinner at 24 Sussex, or the White House) are watched carefully, AND have their backgrounds checked. Ms. Couillard's admission - in her recent interview - that "they must have known", is blatantly accurate. She - a most politically "un-savvy" person knew the protocols - yet the Cons and Mr. Bungles actually believe they can Con Canadians into believing otherwise?

History will show Mr. "Bungles" Harper's regime to be one of slack-jawed, incompetent henchmen, and a leader who was aware of every move - yet lied to the populace, and stood behind his own incompetent appointees.

Time to give Harper his new "title"... He's earned it: Mr. Bungles. If someone else has already had the wit and foresight to christen him thus, my apologies, and my congratulations - at being a master of nomenclature.

Edit: And tonight, Mr. Bungles royally bungles his meeting with Italian PM Berlusconi... That's what happens when you are "anti-elite", and don't want the best of the best representing you abroad. Sheer incompetence. The sooner this government is over, the better for our international reputation.

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