Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Julie Couillard Had Dinner With Harper

According to Julie Couillard, she and Maxime Bernier had dinner with Stephen Harper in a private residence, AND she visited 24 Sussex Dr.  She further adds that the Conservatives MUST have known who she was (background, etc.), as they allowed her to such occasions AND even had her meet President Bush (as evidenced by a picture).  More interestingly, apparently she was also courted by the Conservatives as a potential candidate. So much for Harper's claim that he was not aware of details about this woman, or what her past was.  She was also very clear about the fact that she let "Max" know about her ex's at the start of their relationship.

Judging by her demeanor - and apparent lack of in-depth general knowledge - it is quite easy to believe what she is claiming.  It was really sick to hear her "dress story" - how Bernier used her to get publicity for himself when she attended his swearing in.

One very frightening point brought up during the interview was that she had evidence of her home - even her box-spring of her bed - being wiretapped - while she was seeing Bernier.  There could be some serious repercussions.

We'll see where this latest Conservative/Harper scandal ends up...

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