Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whatever Happened To "Support Our Troops"?

To illustrate how shallow and political the Cons are, one just has to look at how they constantly use the military to justify their own ends ("Support The Troops", etc., etc.), yet pilloried one of Canada's most distinguished Generals and experts on child soldiers yesterday. To say you "support" the troops, then to disparage the man who - being a senior officer - knows more about the military, war, fighting, insurgencies, and child soldiers. In addition to his many years of leadership in the military, General Dallaire was actually ON THE GROUND with a very skeletal group of soldiers defending innocent civilians in a civil war. He - along with his troops - actually had their lives threatened many times. He had his sleeves rolled up, and was "in the trenches" with his troops - not some "corporate pencil-pusher" General who was simply looking for the media spotlight (as some are known to do).

Mr. Dion has to ensure that Sen. Dallaire WILL NOT be censured for anything the Conservatives are trying to make the media perceive as being "out of place". The general spoke very openly and honestly about Canada abetting the breaking of international laws in covering up the illegal detention and torture of civilians - including our own.

As for Jason Kenney's yipping, as Liberal Hearts and Minds put it, the Cons like to invent their own outrage. General Dallaire is an exemplary Parliamentarian and was an exemplary soldier. For the General to say something disparaging the military would be to criticize himself. How idiotic are these Cons to believe that they can push that one over on the public?

Time to Support Our Troops - especially a soldier who understands the inner workings of the military better than anything any politician or civilian - or even front line soldier - would ever know.


Anonymous said...

The liberals themselves did not condone the comments that General Dallaire said the other day.

As to General Dallaire being on the ground in Rowanda with a very skeletal group of soldiers defending innocent civilians in a civil war. Well you have to thank the government of the day period.

Just because someone happens to be a former
General doesn't mean that you are immune to criticism. Especially if you happen to be a politician and disagree with his comments.

WesternGrit said...

Get your facts straight. "Government of the day", my foot. It was the UN - namely the US and UK which would not allow for the proper defense of civilians in Rawanda - including not allowing support for additional forces.

As far as the General being a politician, it has nothing to do with the facts he provided in committee. Once again, I repeat myself, what idiot would think the good general would disparage his own good name by attacking the very military he led? C'mon... let's call an honest observation, just what it is. No need to make it political.

His words run true and strong... Why should we stoop to the level of the terrorists? If we give in and change all our laws, and basically our whole society, they win. Period. No if ands or buts about it.

Anonymous said...

Why should we stoop to the level of the terrorists?
Well said - except that the idiot Connies only react to the lowest common level of intelligence.