Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Testing The Empathy Of The Harper Cons

Another day, another global disaster. We've already seen the painfully inadequate response by the West to the disaster in Myanmar - simply because of the orientation of the Myanmar government (yes, they're a bunch of evil "dick"-tators, we all do agree). It will be interesting to see if Harper and his angry band of haters do anything for China that amounts to more than a token. Jimmy Karygiannis, Liberal MP, is leading the charge with Canadian Chinese groups to see if the Harpocrytes will increase funding for disaster relief - or if they will cling to their anti-Chinese policies.

It is wrong to play with human lives simply because you disagree with their government's ideology. To do so is just as evil as the evils that government perpetrates.

The NeoCons have demonstrated time and time again, that they value angrily adhering to their ideology more than they value human life - particularly Developing World lives. The Harper/Reform motto of course has always been: "If you're brown, yellow or black, you better step back, Jack..." These clowns have never been humanitarians, carers, or "givers". It's just not in their conservative - particularly NeoCon - philosophy. The believe in the "everyone takes care of themselves approach" - "no hand up, that's too much like a hand-out". They shamelessly use their ideological bent to attempt to marginalize anyone they don't like, or who disagrees with them. Unless, that is, there's something in it for them - like oil, or financial investments/gain.

I'm hoping I'm wrong, but we're all probably right... Getting real action on these global disasters from this government will be like pulling teeth. Remember, these are the very same Reformers who used to lambaste the Liberal governments of Cretien and Martin for their foreign aid, CIDA, and aid to Africa. Door-knocking in Sask and AB, I remember the repetitive Reformer refrain of, "what the hell are we doing sending money to Africa... Keep it here". These people never understood the repercussions of NOT sending foreign aid: famine, crime and terrorism, and eventually, refugees - who we have to take care of anyways. Small-mindedness or narrow-mindedness has never allowed the conservative thinking to evolve beyond their "me first" mentality.

Here's to hope.

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