Sunday, March 28, 2010

Canada150 - A Success

Great conference. Great closing speech. Very "straight from the heart"...

I think Iggy's proposals caught some people (especially mainstream media) off guard. Good. The MSM don't really practice journalism anymore, so they need to be spoonfed...

Kudos to the party for adopting a proposed freeze on corporate tax cuts (corporate taxes in Canada are already among the lowest in the G8, and 25% lower than the USA). We CAN and WILL provide solutions for Canadians who need them, by freezing this ongoing act of corporate welfare. Like Mike said, companies in Canada need a larger, better trained, better educated workforce, and more access to innovation and research. THAT has to be our focus, and that IS something we can accomplish.

Airing out some very liberal/Liberal ideas on a national/global stage was a good idea, as it helps open eyes among elected party members, and also puts in place a bit of accountability to the ordinary Canadians who participated - on behalf of the party apparatus...

True vision emerged from this weekend, and, while it's too early to say, this is likely a start to something big.

Can't wait for Harper to start making excuses for doing NOTHING in 4 years, driving us into debt deeper than ever with the largest deficits in Canadian history, and basically running an "ostrich government". Seeing Harper making excuses in Parliament is like watching the 1950s cold war documentaries - "stop, duck, and cover"...

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Northern PoV said...


The headline is

"Liberals to hold corporate tax at 18%"

Anonymous said...

Wow, holding corporate tax at 18%.
Now that is vision!

I am exited!!!

Oemissions said...

corporate accountability is important.
everything discussed, all issues relate to ,what I view, as the immoral behaviour and attitudes of corporations.
governments have supported the.
example: healthcare: health issues and social expenditures from overuse of automobiles.: deaths, injuries, emergency response, rehab, fastfoods,stress related health problems,bad air,poverty

KNB said...

Northern, I see it is the ndp ranks out in force tonight, not the cpc.

Seriously, you all sound worse that the Con's and I include Topp in that.

Your counter is closed minded, petty and in no way thinking/moving forward. You are the party of um, what?

With respect, I think the country would be better served if you dropped all this junk, (juvenile attack, right out of the CPC playbook btw), and we all got to work to actually affect change.

You blew it last time by bringing Harper to power, let's stop keeping him there.