Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"Recalibration"? My @$$

Iggy's response to Harper should be:

"He didn't 'recalibrate' anything, after taking a 40 day holiday to watch the Olympics. He has rehashed EVERYTHING - all the BROKEN PROMISES - from his last two throne speeches. Instead, what he's done today is take a shot at the civil service, open Canada's media and largest companies to foreign ownership, and taken a hard shot at eliminating any talk of addressing the HUGE concerns regarding the environment."

"What a sham. Abuse of power knows no bounds".

"Having said that, we voted the way we did for the last throne speech, and since NOTHING HAS CHANGED, we see no problem in supporting this one (with reservations - and on continued "parole")..."

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Anonymous said...

By all means force an election.But the Libs won't.

Tom said...

Iggy can't say '...a forty day holiday' because he has his members saying "a two month holiday", which the NDP, not to be outdone calls a three month holiday!

WesternGrit said...

Anon: Didn't read my comment at the end, did you? Incomplete understanding of what realities lay in front of you - sounds very conservative, don't ya think?

Tom: You can call it "x number of working days", or "x weeks", or "x months". It all translates to a whole lot of NOTHING being done by this "government"... (call it the "Anti-Government")...