Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Count Me In"

"Count Me In".

That was the tagline that went out with the census when I was young. The idea was that this was part of your duty as a citizen of this great land. You were doing your duty to ensure OUR government - that was supposed to act in our best interest - had the info to do so. Sort of like volunteering (or being drafted) for military service for "God and Country". You know - your duty for your country when she asks for it.

It seems pretty partisan and downright stupid, that the very same people who would disdain anyone who criticized the military are the same people who seem to have a problem with this particular service for our country. Then again, they're probably the "chicken-hawk" warmongers who wouldn't have the guts to step into a uniform either - instead sending young kids from impoverished and economically poor demographics abroad instead.

Seems to me you give more private info when you give blood. Certainly applying for university makes you spill a lot of personal "beans" - including detailed questions about sexual activity. Yet, we still line up to give blood - because it's our duty to help others in our society. Heck, most of us give up more personal/private info about ourselves on Facebook - daily.

Speaking of "online intrusion", doesn't this Conservative Party (with taxpayer help) collect all sorts of data on every private Canadian citizen? The answer is a resounding "YES!" They even keep info on your race/ethnicity. Seriously. Go check CPC HQ. They target mail to specific demographics/ethnic groups/cultural groups, etc. They spent megamillions on this apparatus. When trying to buy "ethnic" vote they target mail ridings with their propaganda, hoping to ensnare a few unwitting victims...

Being the richest political party, we can slowly see what the Conservatives are doing: cutting off election (per vote) funding for other parties; setting up their own info gathering resource; then killing off the best public info source. The most heinously partisan move that could be made... and they choose very benign sounding tacts - hoping the public won't notice, or just won't care.

"Stand up for Canada"??? More like stand up for themselves.

Time to rage against this machine...

Stand up and say, "Count Me In"...

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Anonymous said...

I remember the "Count Me In" campaign.

It was for the short census that every person in Canada MUST fill out to get a "count" of our citizens.

If you do not complete this short census you are threatened with a fine or (still pending) jail.

This campaign did not have anything to do with the 40 pager which went to only 20% of households but a lot of people are being purposely misled about this I think.