Thursday, August 19, 2010

Go Time?

Much discussion on these blogs the past couple of days on whether it is "go-time" for an election (in Fall), or not.

Agreed, it is "go-time". We must, however, have an airtight deficit fighting plan, AND a measure to help all the people who will be jobless in the coming "double dip" part of this recession. Home prices are going to collapse by 2011, with up to millions of Canadians living in negative equity (owing more for their homes than they're worth). Many more still will not be able to renegotiate their higher mortgages - which will be up for renewal next couple of years (if they bought in the last 3 or 4 years - thanks to the Harper governments suckering them into "buy, buy, buy!" fever).

A Liberal/CMHC mortgage bailout program - even if a small amount - would be a huge help.

Win back the lost members of the South Asian community. Start with an apology in the H of C for the Komagata Maru incident. Harper/Kenney refused to apologize in Parliament - and the FACT that so many Canadians are ignorant of this black mark in our history just illustrates how Harper shoved the false apology under the table at a park in suburban Surrey BC - where no-one would hear him. He and Nina Grewal were booed off the stage. Iggy needs to speak out about the negative undertones our government is taking to the Sri Lankan refugee issue. The government is creating an atmosphere of hate/mistrust when most of these people haven't even had a fair shake in our system.

The economy is already showing signs of weakness, and a strong likelihood of downturn next year. We need to ensure that this is pointed out to be Harper's fault. Our meme has to be that Harper f'd up a 13 Billion dollar surplus, and spent it on tax cuts for the rich, and fighter jets, and other pet projects, when Canadians are losing jobs daily, and stand to lose their homes (just like South of the border).

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Anonymous said...

Not a chance. The Bloc and NDP are blockers to a fall election.

Anonymous said...

Not a chance. The Bloc and NDP are blockers to a fall election.

CanadianSense said...

Ignatieff promised he would not follow Dion's management style and sit on his hands in Parliament.

At least 30 Liberal MPs on a regular basis miss votes. He has the worst attendance record on votes.

Fundraising 2009 vs 2009 show a massive drop off for the Liberals.

Not sure if you have been paying attention since you changed leaders.

I understand the pattern for some is to suggest Conservatives are bigots and fascists.

Sadly the logic falls apart when you realize this is NOT a majority government.

The Liberals are complicit with their 30 missing MPs.

Michael Harkov said...

Not only with the missing MPs, but with every single one of the 100 or so confidence votes that they've enabled the Tories with. Hypscorisy much?

The Conservative Party thanks the Liberal Party with every single confidence vote that they support this government. :D

wilson said...

What is the 'issue' that demands an election WG?

If a double dip is coming,
why would Canadians want to change bosses now, when the Harper govt steered thru the first dip, very competently?
poll of CEOs last week had Harper 67%, Ig 11% as best to manage the economy
That's a no go.

Immigration/refugee policy?
Parliament just voted yes to changes in policy,
tho the govt may table new legislation making it harder for refugees to take advantage of our lax laws,
Libs could vote against...

The 'enemy list', worthy of an election?
That's just partisan bickering.
Tho Canadians may be convinced that it is time for a majority government.