Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire...

Harper and his "government" have a penchant for flat-out distorting the truth to the Canadian public.

The two most recent cases:

1) RCMP study finds gun registry to be effective - including cost effective - and National Police Chiefs support it overwhelmingly. Harper would rather risk lives than focus on gun crime - he's too ideologically tied to the US Prison system, and his bogus "tough on crime" snake-oil sales routine...

2) NORAD calls "routine training flights" of both NATO and Russian aircraft "no threat" to Canadian sovereignty at precisely the same time that the PM would lie and have us believe we were under threat from our Russian allies. According to Canadian NORAD spokesperson: "Both Russia and NORAD routinely exercise their capability to operate in the North. These exercises are important to both NORAD and Russia and are not cause for alarm.Read more:"Way to treat our "friends and allies" Stevo...

Nice new look by Harper, by the way. Must have had advice that the Conservative "government" was being too closely tied to "stupidity and ignorance", so he chose to don the specs.

Looks like the media has stopped taking the cow patties lying down... Good on the media! Finally some real journalism.

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