Friday, May 06, 2011

I REFUSE To Accept The Easy Path

Seems a vast majority of Liberals want to rebuild the party. It also seems that a small handful want to "merge" with the NDP. Is that a matter of convenience? Is that so we can "get back to power" quickly? If that is honestly the best defense of a move that Harper would cherish, then you're really... err... nuts.

Preston Manning, and Tommy Douglas before him, built parties from nothing. They started from scratch. They had 0 MPs, and an ideology that most people rejected outright. Think about that for a minute.

We have much more to start with: A fund-raising organization, national links and memberships in EVERY single riding across the land, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: highly skilled people (our membership) made up of some of the elite in their areas of expertise. Thinkers at a nation-building scale. People with national and global visions. We are much more than a formerly-separatist, right-wing Prairie rump.

If Manning could build his party to what it has become, then certainly we can start with much more and achieve greater things. We will need to start with bold ideas. We WILL have to allow the grassroots to truly drive our policy. We will also have to be willing to accept the will of the greater part of the party when said policy comes to vote - but also to seriously consider what we might think of as "fringe" ideas, which we could seriously grow with.

Right now I see the vast majority of Liberals wanting to work hard in the difficult, but VERY interesting project of renewing policy and getting back to ideological roots, and a tiny minority supporting a "marriage of convenience" with the NDP, to boost ourselves back into power. While cooperation (and indeed, even a coalition) with Layton - to defeat Harper when the opportunity presents - is not a bad idea at all, there is no valid reason to eviscerate the party to do so.

Having spent the last 32 years of my life (from Grade 7 to now) championing the Liberal - no... "liberal" actually - cause, I REFUSE to sit down now. I REFUSE to give up. I REFUSE to accept the "easy path".

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The Mound of Sound said...

I agree WG but a party has to be grown around a coherent vision that resonates with the public interest.

In recent years the Liberals lost that vision and, with it, their connection with the electorate.

It's not as though there's a dearth of challenges facing Canada and our people. There are plenty of problems we're going to have to confront if we're not to be overtaken by them. We've shirked them of late, fearing they would rebound against us. Our fear was palpable, especially to those whose support we sought. If we can't find the courage to lead, we're irrelevant anyway.

Paul Raposo said...

I have a hard time disagreeing with what you've written, WesternGrit.

I supported the idea of a coalition too. But then I realized that is, as you wrote, what Harper wants. Harper destroyed the Progressive Conservative party, and he wants to do the same to the Liberal party.

Never give the bastard what he wants.

I'm not sure what it's going to take to convince voters to come back to the Liberal party, but I'm prepared to spend time and money finding out.

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Annie said...

That is too much.... a good Liberal should be mostly Centre Left, but not quite as far Left as these NDP. They were described as hard core Left,... any Liberal that wants to join them, probably voted for he NDP, on Monday May 2.
Why don't they just walk over to them ..I am staying, proudly Liberal...a good Grit

WesternGrit said...

I also REFUSE to believe that the majority of Canadians are not centrist anymore. They really just don't know it yet.

Our job is to tell them... and to teach them. I've already begun. Who is with me?

WesternGrit said...

Well-said Mound.

Dean said...

I agree WG, the Liberal Party still has a lot going for it. Yes things are not perfect, but we need to resist people using this failure to accomplish their radical aims.