Monday, May 02, 2011

Well... At Least We Won't Be Worrying About An Election for 4-5 Yrs

Double-dip recession

2nd US housing collapse

Canadian housing bubble at bursting point

Rampant inflation taking off

Gas to be $2/L by Winter (home heating fuel with it)

Yup. I think I'd much rather let Harper deal with that. Considering he's the one who squandered our $13 Billion surplus and got us into this home crisis in the first place.

Let him wear what he's created.

In the meantime... lets take up a collection to run informative TV ads for the next 4 years - expounding the need for a moderate "middle" in Canadian politics...

You know:

"Hi, we're the Liberal Party. We believe in the perfect combination of the best of the right and left, while rejecting those ideas that don't work for Canadians. Left is bad. Right is worse. We're here for the majority of Canada".

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WesternGrit said...

And if we're not too stupid to realize that repetition of TV ads works, we might have some traction for whichever leader we choose for the next election. But, instead of attacking Harper (let him shoot himself in the foot), we just provide a positive storyline about Liberalism.

It will work. Canadians bought 5 years of attack ads on Dion and Iggy. Remember who you're talking to.

Anonymous said...

All comes back to Paul Martin's destructive, self-serving, back-stabbing ways. Thanks Paul!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Liberals is that they did not believe in a combination of right and left. Every chance he could, Ignatieff referred to the Liberals as Progressive. Progressive is NOT middle of the road or centrist. Since the NDP has always been Progressive, the Liberals just seemed the same as them.