Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome, Mr. Rae

While I did not support Bob during the last leadership (I worked in a different camp), I did like the "retail politician" face he presented. As I've watched him over the past few years, I've grown some fondness for his Parliamentary skill, and his casual, "ordinary Joe" demeanor. His skinny-dip with Mercer sealed the deal. He will do anything to help the party succeed.

Mr. Rae deserves our support as he carries on the task of interim leader, and I hope even his political detractors within the party all agree.

Let's get on with re-building this party from the ground up. Let's ensure we have a lot of strong candidates line up for our leadership in a couple of years. Let's hope that new crop of leaders reflects the youth and diversity of the Canada we love. Let's hope it also reflects the nation-building past of this party.

With a Harper-Conservative majority we are at a political cross-roads in this land. Now, more than ever, a party of "nation-building" is necessary to ensure our home and native land doesn't devolve into a series of "duchies" within a loosely shared border with the US. Harper has never meshed his words on the Quebec question - and his Western base DETESTS Quebec and the French language. That won't change.

We have work to do.

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