Friday, December 11, 2009

Afghan Prisoner Scandal Doesn't Matter To Canadians...


Harper/Reform-a-Tory apologists want to wrap themselves in the flag, and lie about how the rest of us "don't support the troops". Their current line of retort is that "Canadians Don't Care" about the scandal and coverup.


Well, as usual, they're WRONG on that account.

What the Harper Conservative non-chalant attitude on torture has done, is succeeded in painting a much bigger target on our troops (whom we ALL love dearly), and our civilian citizenry around the world - and in Canada.

Harperites have helped create a more dangerous situation for our troops. Fewer civilian Afghans will trust our men and women in uniform - especially if they were family members of the many who were wrongly imprisoned - and tortured. Many more will be tempted to join the other side. Further, the enemy - the Taliban - will fight harder, knowing they may end up imprisoned and tortured if captured. All this is bad news for our troops, and begins the rest of the World down the path of questioning the professional stature of our great armed forces... and leadership. In many developing countries, the professional armed forces of Canada and the UK are a beacon of established excellence the World tries to immitate. In many of those nations civilian unrest and chaos has been quetted by the professional militaries built in the Commonwealth tradition.

Harper and his clown troop DO NOT support the troops - they simply HIDE BEHIND THEM, and USE THEM for their own political (perceived) gain.

But it's not just the troops who suffer. Our brave men and women of the RCMP, and many other civilian agencies, toil day and night making life better for the Afghan people (and people in other parts of the world). Their lives suddenly got more difficult for the same reasons as above. They will also have a less trustful populace to work with. This becomes more true the longer our government continues the suspected cover-up (as reported by many media outlets).

Canada's image has been tarnished on the international level. Most Conservatives couldn't care less (the same case as with Kyoto, etc., etc., etc.). They will distance themselves from the World, telling Canadians they're more "concerned" about Canadians... Of course they forget how interconnected and close we are with the rest of the World in these modern times. And they want Canadians to forget...

Meanwhile, the rest of us are also in increased danger. We travel a lot, and suddenly, "nice friendly Canada" has become viewed a little differently by the rest of the World. In the 70s and 80s, and into the 90s, even as part of NATO we were viewed as "pseudo-neutral", and "honest brokers" of World discussion and engagement. In a few short years the Harper Government has squandered much of that international good-will and trust. We are scorned and ridiculed in international forums (particularly those where the Harper government is involved). It will take many years, and a new government to put back what the Harper Reform-a-Tories have torn asunder in a few minority years...

Sure, the scandal doesn't matter to Canadians Mr. Harper.

Not yet.

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bocanut said...

Why aren't the Libs asking for the doctor's report and the before and after pics of the sandal strapped Taliban terrorist?

ridenrain said...

Don't care? You mean like the CBC did when the NDP brought this up when Martin was in power?
This is just sad, desperate politics.

Anonymous said...

The Libs have been deliberately interchanging the words abuse and torture.They are two different things.Next they'll be tossing around atomic wedgies into the mix.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter to most Canadians because they trust the men and women on the ground to do the right thing. I'm sure prisoners were either beaten or tortured, I'm sure that it started on Day 1 under a Liberal government watch, and, I'm sure its probably still happening now, and, I'm sure that the top brass from Chretien down to the Generals then, and, Harper, the Generals and Soldiers today do their best to see that it doesnt happen, and are constantly working to fix that issue. I believe that because I believe in my fellow dont. I believe that when a Liberal government is elected to power they become a national government and look out for the greater good of all Canadains, at home and on the world stage, and, I believe that of a Conservative government as well. I dont expect hard core Lib or Con supporters to undertstand, but, there are about 15% of us who vote and support different party's each and every election. I wont change my vote over the Afghan abuse issue because I beleive that as abuse and torture were reported it was handled quickly by the men and women in the field, and, by the Generals, as it would be under a Lib government. The Opposition has a duty to hammer away at the government on this issue, but, they and you should also understand why most Canadians just dont care. billg

Marx-A-Million said...

You are absolutely correct Sir!