Monday, December 14, 2009

Of 6 Yard Ist Downs and Lowering The Goalposts...

Wrote a lot of this in response to a great post by KNB about Harper's dismantling of Canada...

The "Harper Deception" is slowly beginning to choke the workings of the nation. His party has lowered the goalposts of government performance and responsibility.

Our nation has been duped into settling for a complete lack of vision in Ottawa, but frighteningly, have also been lulled to sleep while "the Hill burns". Harper and his Reform-a-Tory hacks are laying waste to Canada's government mechanism, bureaucracy, and Parliamentary system.

Harper was smart enough to (after several attempts) connect with the right snake-oil salespeople (ie: PR folks)... Working the doorsteps and C-Trains in Calgary, I recall the comments: "Oh, he's such a good looking man... Blonde hair, and those blue eyes..." Seriously. People think "old lizard-eyes" is good looking. I guess it's all the power behind the suit... Anyways...

The "perceived genius" surrounding the Harper team is slowly getting whittled away. His flaws are pretty apparent. He should have had a massive (1993-like) majority last election. Instead, Canadians REJECTED him BECAUSE OF his Conservatism, and NeoCon ideas.

Remember, Harper was the 2-time loser going into the "Sponsorship Election", and then he barely squeaked out a win DESPITE HIS IDEOLOGY. Ignatieff hasn't even lost an election yet, and he has looked positively brilliant at times (and... "not so" at others). Still, Harper should be a lot more polished by now... Ignatieff is a new leader.

Minority or not, Harper is in his second term right now. Even in "real years", his party has passed the 4 year mark, roughly, and is into the years which would typically represent a second full term in a majority. People will get tired of his games - and they are. Public enquiries into scandals are coming. He was dying for a majority, JUST so he could escape the wraith of the enquiries, but it won't be that easy. The free media are waking up. Even old Con stalwarts have some questions and concerns.

We should worry about our Parliamentary democracy being diluted and dissolved. True, we can change some things back, if the Cons push them through, but it's the gradual dismantling of the institutions and traditions of government that concern me. Used to be there were certain protocols in Parliament, and in government. What the Reform-a-Tories have done is break the rules first, then, if not caught, keep breaking them. Otherwise, lie, fabricate, and tell the public/media, "we have a different interpretation of the rules".

Imagine a football game where 10 yards give you a first down. In Steve Harper's world, it's 6 yards, and he's going to tell you so. If the ref complains, Harp will fire the ref. If the reporter in the press box tries to report the truth, Harp's friends who own the paper will simply "edit" the report, change the title to one less damaging (or completely "friendly"), or sub the report with a "national editorial".

Time to get back to real football, and end the "personally foul" government of Harper.

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