Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Script Kiddies & Pimple-faced Teenie-boppers In The World Of Web Responsibility

Note to political parties: You don't let your teenage kids the leeway to run your website. Yes, we all know we are a party full of youth and youthful direction - but that youth needs guidance (as in any facet of life).

We have a good example of what happens if a party tries too hard to attract youth... When a party with no youth wing desperately tries to curry favor with the youth vote. That example is the train-wreck that is the Harper "war-room".

We don't need to stoop to that level - and we're not desperate to attract youth. We're the youngest party of the two major ones. We have a new core of strategists, and the Don-OLO... We've got Warren dishing out smack talk like Ali in Manila.

Okay. So it WAS silly fun that went too far. It was dealt with, and now it's over. We didn't defend it until the media came to roost (like the Puffin Poop incident which went for days before an apology was given)...

Done deal. Let's carry on.

Oh yeah. One more thing: Now that the incident has occurred, and the offending images removed, I think we'll have a record number of Canadians go to the site and laugh at the other images.

Thanks for the free publicity media!

You can never say "no" to free pub.

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Anonymous said...

I have teens...they would not do that crap.....that is supposed to be the website of someone who will run Canada....do we need this kind of bull....Kinsella must be behind it....reminds me of his chicken...this is not funny...the country is in shambles and now we have just lost the chance to make it better.....leave the jokes to rick mercer or 22 minutes....michael does not need this....granps

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure it's over. Big difference between a bird turding on Dion's head and murdering the prime minister. The Libs. can hope all they want, but I don't think this story's done.

Anonymous said...

Could that picture been done by a hacker like when they go on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia to change the profiles they want people to read? That's been done and probably still going on. Anyone who knows computers can hack a site and put whatever they want there and unless your a party that admires themselves continually and checks and their site, it would take a while to notice it. I can't believe that the Liberals or any other party for that matter would have knowingly allowed this to happen on their site.

Christams cheers to al. Marie