Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Defence Minister Must Resign

Peter MacKay MUST resign for the allegations and pursuant "cover-up" perpetrated by this Harper Government over the Afghan POW scandal.

Further investigation MUST go forward, to determine who knew how much in the PMO - since we know EVERYTHING is scoured by "El Capitano" Harper, Megalomaniac In Chief...

This is all necessary due to this scathing reversal of testimony by our Chief of Defense staff. It is apparent that even our Defense Department got tired of covering up Conservative lies.

Next step please. Bring on the public enquiry. Start determining who violated Geneva Conventions, and bring them to justice to spare Canada's international reputation - one that has been increasingly tarnished since Harper's ascendance to the PMO.

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mycdnprince said...

Hear, hear! Bring on the public enquiry. It must be done!

Lizt. said...

It must be done, but remember Harper knew a great deal too. I remember a few years back, what he said in the House, a lie, and it still is. Mackay would not say anything unless it was okayed by Harper...they all lie.