Monday, December 07, 2009

Devastating Assessment Of Harper Government's Fiscal Ineptitude


One word that would quite succinctly describe the Harper Reform-a-Torys' brutally juvenile and ideologically bent rape of the Canadian economy.

Now, the Reformatory attack dogs will be slack-jaw-"edly" placing their childish comments to this blog... straight outta that big CCHQ (Constant Campaign HQ) in Ottawa. We, quite frankly, don't care. A blunt assessment of Canada's current economic "unstable ground" is warranted, and much, much needed.

Ralph Goodale - of the multi-billion dollar contingency fund/rainy day fund Liberal budgets - has a very good assessment on this situation. He speaks as an expert who has navigated the troubled waters of recessions, and knows how to operated when it's smooth sailing. This is in stark contrast to the "best" Conservative option: a former neoCon provincial FinMin who devastated the last economy he tried to manage in Ontario.

Here's Ralph's assessment of the current devastation in Ottawa's Finances:


Two years ago, I predicted harsh consequences would flow from Stephen Harper’s ideological style of government. Sadly, the bad news is coming true.

The Conservatives turned a $13 billion annual surplus into a $56 billion deficit. They inherited (from Liberals) $100 billion of financial flexibility over five years. But they used that all up in less than three years.

Federal debt has surpassed $500 billion. And Canadians are faced with the prospect of five more years of red ink, sinking another $170 billion in the hole.

Here’s another telling point. Who’s the ONLY Leader to increase the tax burden on Canadians since 1997? Answer: Stephen Harper!

First he hiked your personal income taxes. Then he dinged the Income Trusts in your retirement plan with a brutal 31.5% Conservative tax. Next, he has announced a job-killing $13 billion payroll tax on every employer and employee in Canada.

This is Mr. Harper’s legacy – deficits, debt and higher taxes. All totally predictable! And remember, all this trouble began BEFORE there was any recession to blame!

But there are other shoes to fall.

Mr. Harper is about to slash federal programs and services, claiming they’re no longer “affordable” because of the deficit the Conservatives themselves created.

Who will be their victims? When they first came to office, they slashed support for volunteerism, women’s programs, child care, literacy services, students, low-income legal services, etc.

Since then, they’ve also chopped cost-of-production guarantees for farmers, money for rural roads, and the PFRA.

Most recently, the Harper Conservatives cut 90% of the funding for democratic observers to monitor the January presidential elections in Ukraine. And they’ve killed the entire budget for KAIROS, an organization of the Catholic, United, Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Mennonite and Quaker churches, working on human rights.

These are bad choices for Canada.

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Anonymous said...

If this is so then Liberals should resign en masse. The Libs have either supported or refused to vote against most of these measures.

Time and time againthe Libs objected to the govt's action yet refused to force an election. The Libs demanded quarterly reports from the Cons. and gave them a passing grade.

Anonymous said...

Goodale is right, as usual. Where though do we find his assessment within Canwest/global, Sun or for that matter, any other media in Canada? It's frustrating to me as well you get my point?

Mark said...

Today I got another 10%er in the mail, from the Cons. Not an attack one - someone at Con HQ must have had a brain cramp, and they did a positive one.

Anyway, this 10%er talks about the home reno tax credit, and how I too can take advantage of this (I live in an apartment building.) Of course, every Con 10%er has to have the poll on the back.

"Who is on the right track to help the economy?"


WesternGrit said...

Anon #1. Actions speak louder than words. We all know the record balanced and SURPLUS budgets under Liberal governments. The praise from the international community, and journals like the Economist. We also all know the reasons behind some of the Liberal votes this Spring. It was a political game that had to be played to prevent a possible Conservative majority. Your answer is very "political" too... Sometimes we need to see past the party politics, and look at which ideology has done best for the country. A Liberal government with a strong 3rd party NDP voice has been the best formula for a modern Canada. We see - too clearly - the foundation of our democracy being torn assunder by this very scary government. The institutions many hard-working Canadians have come to rely upon and work with are slowly being destabilized, by this NeoCon group who believe in "no government".

We were watching for something that looked overtly like a "monster", all scary and public, but what we have received is something more insideous and covert. The public is being fooled serially, and the Opposition parties (3rd and 4th party) are too busy sniping at other Opposition Parties... All the while, Canada slips out of our fingers...

Anonymous said...

That is a rich response.A political blogger complaining about political games.

Everything has been hyper-partisan as of late.
global warming
and even Olympic torch routes.

You and your party will get thrown back everthing they deserve.

If you genuinely believe that Conservatives belive in "no government" then you are beyond any hope of being non-political.

Jim said...

Yes, we all know how the Liberals balanced the books...By raping the EI surplus and painful downloading to the provinces.

Anyone care to mention how much of the national debt the CPC managed to pay down in under 4 years?

Heck, I'll mention it...$40 billion dollars...All without raping an EI surplus or trying to bankrupt the provinces.

You Libs are such hypocritical liars.

WesternGrit said...

Jim... Errr... check your facts. The CPC has been running increasingly large deficits since they got in power. They blew the $13 BILLION contingency (surplus plus) within ONE YEAR of taking power - WELL BEFORE the "recession". They blew it on idiotic measures like the GST reduction, emptying Canada's coffers, when any intelligent finance Minister would have translated what was going on South of the border (and how it would impact our lumber, construction, and financial sectors up here).

Liberals did make some cuts to EI, but these were MINISCULE compared to the MASSIVE debt the Mulroney (and some of these very same) federal Conservatives left. The Liberal governments of Chretien and Martin had to kill those deficits and start paying down debt - which they did, in record-breaking fashion.

Your 40 Billion figure (which you no doubt made up) had to be printed here, because it proves how hallucinogenic you Conservatives really are. Your 2nd budget (after the Paul Martin "gift" to you in your first budget) was IN THE HOLE by the $13 BILLION PLUS another $12 BILLION.

Don't try to "lie, conceal, fabricate" in the typical Conservative way on this blog. That number you just tossed out there is the biggest whopper I've heard in months - and we've heard some pretty big ones from the Conservatives.

I guess you guys just think you can stand up and blatantly lie to the public, because no-one has called you on most of it.

Guess what?

Times up. The Liberals have "re-learned" how to be an opposition party. Sure, we've lost the NDP as an "opposition" party, but the largest House group of MPs (after the Reformers) will be challenging you a lot more now. And... even corporately neutered media will have to start asking questions of you - or risk coming off like Fox "News"...

marie said...

Jim, ad scam and the EI was peanuts to what your silly love affair of Harper and his clowns are. Endless tax money still being spent to to spread propaganda with your own dollars to in an endless campaign to win a majority. Tell me your not so stupid to support that won't you? If the Cons keep up with what they are doing, they will be hard pressed to even win a minority let alone a majority. Just because the Liberals of past blew some money doesn't excuse this government from doing worst and you people are a bunch of sickie's that still promote this party that will turn their backs on you supporters if they thought they could gain a few more votes. Grow up, open your eyes and your ears and see what really is going on here. PS, you don't have to be a parrot to a lousy politician named king Harpie and his ideology is not working either so give it up. Quit being childish and blame the past government for all your woes.
You guys sound like 12 year old bullies and you know what happens to bullies huh? When faced with standing up for themselves, they run away and hide with their tail between their legs just like your dictator Harpie is known for. Too chicken to face the music or the press when they finally get their act together and ask questions instead of making up their own news. You guys had better wise up before you don't have anyone supporting you all.

Its too bad but this government really does bring the worst in people.

Ditto western grit. I totally agree with you.