Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Conservatives Endangering Our Troops

Conservative reaction that they (and, in their hopes, the public) don't care about the Afghan prisoner issue is putting our troops in danger. Even IF we "don't care" about them (the Afghans), or that place (Afghanis-nam), we SHOULD care about the welfare of OUR TROOPS who are at greater risk due to the Conservative cover-up. And the government's attitude since is simply inflaming the issue. If I'm an Afghan warlord/Taliban nut-job, I'm going to make sure I put clips of Harper and the Cons' reaction to the matter in their propaganda... It certainly would help recruit more fighters - and make them fight against us much harder. "Support our troops", my ass. The Conservatives only care about covering their own coverup. Harper and his party's words of late have done more to put our troops in harms way than ANY opposition criticism of the government's conduct of the war ever has... The Opposition voices their concern based on concern for the troops and for Canadians working abroad.

Shame on Harper and his minions.

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LK Taylor said...

I agree completely with this. We, as a country, wouldn't be discussing these crimes if PM Harper, while directly calling the shots, had been upholding the law, (Geneva Conventions). But, he had already shown us, many times before that he was above the laws and traditions of our own land. And, that's all he has left to fight with now. I wouldn't say he has the truth or facts on his side. LK

Northern PoV said...

You are very correct with your concern for the safety of the troops in reaction to Canadians perceived complicity in torture.

Here is another angle on this scandal:

In defense of their botched detainee policy, the right wing bloggers are openly stating what their political masters (Hawn, Harper etc) are hinting at: "No one cares about the Afghans".

It would be nice to know why they want Canadian blood, honour and money littering the roadsides of Afghanistan if "no one cares".

WesternGrit said...

Exactly, NPoV. The British were seen as aggressors in the last Century, the Soviets in 1980s, and now the US (and by association - us). We need to ensure we toss this image of us, but the Conservatives aren't helping. They are making it much, much worse for our troops.

Right now, it is the Opposition who continues to care for our troops... And we don't need yellow ribbon stickers on the backs of our pickup trucks to prove it. We prove it with our words and deeds in Parliament. Our concern for the troops is tantamount. As it is for our nation's international reputation.

I totally agree with your point about "why are we there then?" I guess it really all WAS about that gas/oil pipeline from Khazakhstan, down to the Indian Ocean. Of course, the overt reason for the war was to "liberate and improve the conditions of the people of Afghanistan, and throw off the Taliban yolk". This recent Conservative action flies in the face of that reasoning.

For shame. Time to support our troops - for REAL.

jim said...

you are all nuts

marie said...

Jim, And a Happy New Year to you too nutso.You will need all the good wishes you can get.

Steve, I couldn't agree with you more on the soldiers being in danger because of the cover up in Harpers governmentin regards to thee detaniee's and other topics. A person would have to be blind and dummer yet to not see this.